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With ImperiHome, control your smart-home systems and connected objects from a single app.
No need for a central server or dedicated setup. The application directly connects to your systems and objects using APIs and allows you to remotely interact with all your devices.

Currently, ImperiHome is able to connect to:
- Philips Hue (lighting system)
- Sonos speakers (Wireless multi-room speakers by Sonos)
- Nest smart devices (Thermostat, Protect, Nest Cam Indoor/Outdoor)
- LIFX light bulbs (WiFi smart lighting system by LIFX)
- Logitech Harmony hub-based remotes
- Vera, VeraLite, Vera Edge (ZWave controller by Micasaverde / Vera Control) UI5, UI6 and UI7
- Netatmo (Weather Station, Thermostat, and Welcome Camera by Netatmo)
- Wink (smart-home controller)
- Fitbit health and fitness trackers
- YeeLight (WiFi connected light bulbs)
- Tellstick Net/ZNet (smart-home controller by Telldus)
- Z-Way based smart-home hubs (RaZberry, POPP hub, Western Digital...)
- Nokia Health (activity trackers, scales, blood pressure monitors)
- Jawbone UP (activity trackers)
- MyFox Home Alarm (connected alarm system by MyFox)
- Musaic connected HiFi players
- Xee (connected car by Eliocity)
- Kodi (Media center software, formerly known as XBMC)
- Legrand EcoCompteur (Electricity consumption counter by Legrand)
- Parrot Flower Power (plant sensor by Parrot)
- Fibaro Home Center 2 (home automation controller by Fibaro)
- Myfox Home Control 2 (security and home control system)
- ZiBase (Multi-protocol controller by Zodianet)
- JPEG/MJPEG IP cameras
- eedomus (ZWave controller by Connected Object)
- IPX800v3 and IPX800v4 (Relay controller by GCE Electronics)
- Eco-Devices (Teleinfo energy counter by GCE Electronics)
- Zipabox (Multi-protocol controller by Zipato) / Cameras and security features not yet supported
- Systems implementing the ISS API (ImperiHome Standard System)
- … more will come!

At home using your tablet or outside using your smartphone, take benefit of ImperiHome features to control your smart home the way you want:
- fast and responsive user interface
- charts module
- local or remote network auto detection
- layouts for both smartphones and tablets
- fine-tuning options
- voice recognition
- ...

This is the free version of ImperiHome. Unlock premium features by buying the in-app unlocker. Limitations of the free version :
- Max 2 objects can be configured (unlimited in premium)
- Max 2 dashboard pages can be created (unlimited in premium)
- Only 2 dashboard page layout types available (11+ available in premium)
- Some dashboard page placeholders are locked (all is unlocked in premium)
- No configuration export/import

Check out more on ImperiHome website : and contact us at should you encounter any issue.

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Versión 3.0.8

*Bug Fixes

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Requiere iOS 7.1 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Francés, Inglés
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