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Create your own epic saga of conflict, mythology, and community! This acclaimed game of magical storytelling blends interactive stories and resource management. It’s set in Glorantha (the world of RuneQuest, HeroQuest, and 13th Age).

It’s immensely replayable, thanks to over 575 interactive scenes and two objectives. Short episodes and automatic saving mean you can play even when you only have a minute or two. The built-in saga writes down the story for you. And advisors with distinctive personalities help you track your cows.

The gorgeous hand-painted artwork won Best Visual Arts at the second Independent Games Festival.

• Everything in the game is utterly convincing and even years after release, the possibilities seem endless. (One of the 5 best strategy games ever made) [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]
• It's like they took the best parts of Civilization games and combined them with the best part of Choose Your Own Adventure style game books. … What I like most about King of Dragon Pass is the seemingly infinite possibilities that the game has. … I can't get enough of King of Dragon Pass. [Touch Arcade]
• A wholly unique adventure that has no equal on the iPhone. [Pocket Gamer]
• An interactive story with a level of complexity and brilliance that's rarely seen in video games. [Gamezebo]

Players say:
• I am really happy to have found this game. It scratches so many itches: simulator, rpg, adventure book...Great work! I find myself playing it on both my iPad and iPhone. Very addictive!
• I got this game at 6pm tonight. It's now 4am, and I've hardly scratched the surface of the depth of this game.
• I now have a fun, engaging, thought provoking RPG on my iPhone, an RPG that fits in my purse and that I can play any time I want, not having to have my computer or Xbox 360 near me to do so.
• If Bioware remade Civilization they'd be lucky to end up half as good as King of Dragon Pass.
• It's impossible to describe the emotional tug you feel when an old and trusted advisor, who you've watched grow from a young upstart, dies of old age. Or when an exploration team disappears into the wilds, never to be heard from again. Or when a cursed clansman, shunned by his peers, sacrifices himself to stop a raid. This game will never leave my iPhone. That's the only accolade possible.

The game is completely accessible via VoiceOver.

Be sure to check out Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind, the spiritual successor!


Versión 2.4

• Fixed tribe map in iOS 12
• Bug fixes
• Fixed scroll indicator animation
• Link to Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind, the spiritual successor to KoDP
• Icons for newer devices
• Now requires iOS 9

Valoraciones y reseñas

5.0 de 5
7 valoraciones
7 valoraciones
Esteban_Garcia ,


What a game! It's a true epic adventure. You make decisions all the time about all kinds of the problems in the clan. I found it really inmersive. My first clan disbanded today but for a while I was a King of the Dragon Pass!

ola19freak ,


Primero se ha de señalar que el juego NO está en castellano, y posiblemente nunca lo esté.

Es esto un problema? Pues depende. Si no tienes ni idea de inglés no entenderás la dinámica ni el vocabulario que es complejo en algunos momentos.

Si te defiendes en inglés (yo creo que con unos estudios de bachillerato vas bien) o si tienes un nivel medio y te apetece practicar...pues no vas a tener problema y lo vas a gozar!

Por qué es tan importante el tema de entender o no el texto? porque básicamente es un juego de leer, como esos libros de elige tu propia aventura. Es muy adictivo y realmente trabajado en como enlaza la historia. Genial. Si te gusta el rol y la lo dudes

Firefields ,

Entretenido y profundo

Llevo juganfo 3 horas y me parece muy bueno. Para pasar horas y horas. Además, permite jugar aunque sean 5min.


A Sharp, LLC
365 MB

Requiere iOS 9.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Clasificada 12+ por:
Temas para adultos/provocativos poco frecuentes/moderados
Violencia realista poco frecuente/moderada
Contenido sexual o desnudez poco frecuentes/moderados
Consumo de alcohol, tabaco o drogas o referencias al mismo poco frecuentes/moderados
Violencia en dibujos animados o en imágenes fantásticas poco frecuente/moderada
© 2011-2018 A Sharp, LLC
10,99 €


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