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Have you ever lost your pet? Or maybe you are just curious about your pet’s daily whereabouts? Here’s the app for you! Kippy helps you keep track of your pet, straight from your iPhone.

With Kippy it has never been easier to:
- Get live updates on where your pet is
- Know where your pet has been during the day
- Keep them safe inside “virtual fences”
- Find them if they get lost

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Kippy is the app that connects to the Kippy GPS pet tracker and allows the user to receive information on the location of the pet wearing Kippy directly in the iPhone. The main features included are Live Tracking, Geofence and History.

The Position function offers instant information on the pets location once the app is opened. The user also receives information regarding the precise address of the pet’s location, the current distance between the user and the pet, and when the last update was. The user can in Position mode turn on “Live Tracking” in which the app starts tracking the pet with a higher frequency and offers updates on the pet’s location every few seconds.

When Live Tracking is active user can also activete the Proximity mode, that tells the user the direction the pet is heading and also shows the direction the user needs to follow in order to reach the pet. What more, Proximity also offers information on at what height the pet finds itself.

Geofence allows the user to create a virtual fence around the pet anywhere on the map. If the pet moves outside of the chosen area the user will be notified and can start tracking the pet instantly. The fence is the shape of a hexagon and is easy to create, modify and delete.

In the History section of the app it is possible to check all the device's GPS positions detected. You can select the date from the calendar to view Kippy's movements, either as a line or as a series of points.

In Messages area there are updates about our 4 legged friends.

A part from the main features the app also allows the user to
-add pictures of the pet
-keep track of all notifications that arrive in the section “History”
-know the level of the battery and the strength of signal of Kippy
-add several Kippys and pets to the same iPhone
-use classic map mode or satellite mode
-see the history of the pets movement
-and much more…


Versión 4.1.4

Minor bug fixes.
New Tutorial of the App

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Las funciones prometen, pero tarda demasiado en coger la señal del dispositivo Kippy, y eso es un error grave por la dificultad que tiene en contactar con sus servidores.
A mejorar bastante.

No conecta nada


Es lamentable que no funcione el 90% de las ocasiones. No compréis kippy, es una porquería. Solo funciona vía web. La última actualización no mejora nada.

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Kippy s.r.l.
71 MB
Estilo de vida
Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Clasificada 4+
© kippy


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