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Marked 2 is a previewer (*not an editor*) for Markdown, MultiMarkdown and other text markup languages. It updates live every time you save your document in your favorite text editor, comes with writing analysis tools, and is powerfully flexible.

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Marked provides document navigation and statistics, proofreading tools, multiple export formats, and much more. Marked comes with 9 preview styles built in (including GitHub), and you can add unlimited custom styles of your own.

MultiMarkdown processing is provided for writers, complete with tables, footnotes, file transcludes, and other MultiMarkdown-specific features.

GitHub users will appreciate Marked's built in GitHub Flavored Markdown processor, capable of handling fenced code blocks, line break preservation and automatic hyperlinking.

Marked is powerful enough to allow custom processors (shell scripts) before and/or instead of the built in processors, allowing custom Markdown processing and use of non-Markdown text processors.

Marked works with Scrivener, Ulysses, MarsEdit, Highland 2, iThoughtsX, MindNode, and other third-party apps, allowing you to use Markdown and see beautiful previews just about anywhere.

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Versión 2.5.27

Thanks for using Marked! This update includes fixes for outline exporting, in-document search, nifty new status bar icons, and other neat stuff.

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- Multi-column theme page numbers
- Multi-column theme document progress indicator
- High Contrast (inverted) mode CriticMarkup and Search toolbars are now dark
- Status bar icons


- Multi-column theme last column cut off
- Issues with exporting decimal outline mode
- Handling of underscores in inline MathJax equations when using Discount processor
- Search for more than one word breaks
- Handling of * in search string
- Marked include syntax (various issues)
- Crash on raw include (<<{})
- Black on black "Report Issue" window in Mojave Dark Mode
- Custom Processor inaccessible warning dialog
- Crash when open file is renamed on disk


Brett Terpstra
43.7 MB
OS X 10.10 o posterior, procesador de 64 bits
Clasificada 4+
© Brett Terpstra 2018
14,99 €


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