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Enjoy a different and more fun and creative Holiday Season by creating your Artist’s Christmas Tree!

With the help of Picasso, Haring, Magritte, Warhol and many more artists to discover!

PlayART X’MAS is a colourful and imaginative app which encourages children to use art creatively to decorate a Christmas Tree!

Select a tree and enjoy creative Christmas decoration with a unique assortment of arty icons as ornaments, all freely inspired by the artworks of ten great artists:

⁍ Keith Haring
⁍ Vasilij Kandinskij
⁍ Gustav Klimt
⁍ Renè Magritte
⁍ Joan Mirò
⁍ Piet Mondrian
⁍ Bruno Munari
⁍ Pablo Picasso
⁍ Andy Warhol
⁍ Salvador Dalì

There are no rules or time limits, just free your imagination, enjoy the amazing creative combinations and decorate your Christmas Tree into a beautiful work of art!

Ideal for children, but best enjoyed when shared with the whole family!


⁍ Original drawings by the illustrator George Fipa, freely inspired by the art of 10 great artists
⁍ A selection of 6 trees to choose from
⁍ An assortment of 26 arty icons to decorate your Christmas Tree
⁍ Move, rotate, resize and arrange the icons however you like on the tree
Two different backgounds: day and night
⁍ Save your final Artist’s Chistmas Tree in the iPad Photo Library for later sharing and printing

If you would like to know more about the artists and their original atworks which inspired the illustrations in PlayART X’MAS visit Tapook website:
Don’t forget to email to us you Artist’s Christmas Tree at:

NOTE:The free version of the app includes 3 Artists’ Trees and 6 decorative elements to begin. 3 more artists’ trees and 20 icons are available in an easy to use single in-app purchase inside the app.


Tapook s.r.l.
18.4 MB
Requiere iOS 4.3 o posterior. Compatible con iPad.
Clasificada 4+
© Tapook™
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