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QUADEK Digital Quadraphonic Audio Decoder

Bring back to life the sound of your quadraphonic records!

QUADEK implements two algorithms capable of decoding four music channels out of a stereo track: QS method is best for “Quadraphonic Sound” recordings and SQ for “Stereo Quadraphonic” recordings. Both these quadraphonic technologies gained their fame during the 70s when many bands and musicians started to experiment with quadraphonic sound: Pink Floyd, King Crimson, The Who and Miles David, to name a few. There are hundreds of great records that came out with a “Quadraphonic” label and up to now could only be decoded with specialized hardware.

With QUADEK in your Mac you can digitally decode those stereo tracks into quadraphonic surround and bring the experience of the quad sound into the 21st century!

NOTE: Your Mac should be hooked up to an audio interface with four available output channels that would need to be connected to your four speakers. For more information and setup recommendations visit us at

Inter-App Audio

QUADEK works together with Soundflower virtual ports to let you send any audio coming from any application to QUADEK.
You can stream into QUADEK your entire iTunes Library!
To download Soundflower please visit

Decoding Methods

QUADEK features three decoding methods:
2x: a simple duplication of Left and Right channels in both front and back stereo pairs
QS: stands for “Quadraphonic Sound” decoding
SQ: stands for “Stereo Quadraphonic” decoding
The last two methods are implementations of well known matrix decoding techniques. You can find more information about the details of these techniques on our website

Balance Control

The balance slider control allows you to position your listening point in the quadraphonic square. The importance of this control is vital for a good quadraphonic experience since a significant part of the decoding relies on an acoustical phenomena that consists of the cancellation of redundant information in opposite channels. For this cancellation effect to happen as best as possible you should set up the slider’s knob so that it compensates for the possible loss of intensity coming to you when you are closer to one side or a corner of the square. Note that the balance control doesn’t increase the signal, it rather acts as a gate, letting pass the full signal or decreasing it. Once the knob is positioned you can fine-tune it with the L-R and F-B numeric controls on top of the balance control.

And when you’re ready to start using QUADEK turn on the power button and let the experience begin!

Check our website to know more about this and other uses of QUADEK.

Lo nuevo en la versión 1.1.0

- NEW Compatibility with OS X 10.9
- NEW Inputs & Outputs selector
- NEW 64-bit support
- Fixed: app no longer crashes on launch in some systems
- Bugfixes

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  • 2,99 €
  • Categoría: Música
  • Actualizado:
  • Versión: 1.1.0
  • Tamaño: 29.9 MB
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Desarrollador:

Compatibilidad: OS X 10.6.6 o posterior

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