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Sequence it! is a tool intended for strengthening the understanding of processes based on a sequence of events.
A sequence of images is an effective tool and can be used in a variety of educational activities, including: understanding cause and effect, understanding processes and a series of actions, encouraging literacy, expanding vocabulary, assistance in understanding the sequence of a story, etc.

Sequence it! contains examples of sequences of different types and enables the creation of personal sequences through a user-friendly tool, which enables the parent or therapist to build sequences that are personally suited to the user by adding content represented by image, sound and text.
Using Sequence it! enables coping with multi-stage tasks by breaking them up into stages in accordance with the user’s level of comprehension.

Sequence it! may be used as a tool for imparting the method of performing activities and tracking their performance.

Sequence it! enables working on generalization and transference of the activities learned to the individual’s natural environment. By using pictures of the individual or those close to him, a personal connection to the activity could be made, leading to internalization and a higher degree of identification with the steps of the various activities.

Sequence it! enables two methods of work: watching the sequence for acquisition, and arranging the steps in the correct order, with three levels of difficulty.

Why is the Sequence it! suitable for use with special needs individuals?

1. Sequence it! is an open tool which enables the teacher / therapist to select the content suitable for the users and related to his or her world.
2. It’s possible to select the level of difficulty in accordance with the user’s capability.
3. A multi-dimensional representation of each event may be used in the application: image, text, and narration. You may use all of the representation or only some of them, according to the student’s level.
4. The design is suited for the target audience, with few distractions and the transfer of information in an accessible way, while at the same time having a respectful design, which is not intended exclusively for little kids but also for teens.
5. Clear and user-friendly interface which invites the user to operate independently.
6. Convenient interface for the parent / therapist, which enables the quick and easy creation of suitable content.
7. Strengthening embedded in the process of practicing, which reinforce the sense of capability and encourage continued activity.

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