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Strong free chess program.


* Free, but much stronger than most commercial iPhone chess apps!

* Plays aggressive and dynamic chess, and is not afraid of sacrificing material for initiative or attacking chances.

* Adjustable playing strength.

* Choose between several styles of play: "Passive", "Solid", "Active", "Aggressive" or "Suicidal".

* Big, deep and varied opening book. Choose between three levels of book variety.

* Displays book moves and engine analysis, including search depth, evaluations and main lines.

* Allows you to easily set up board positions.

* Able to think during the opponent's time, for maximum playing strength (disabled by default, in order to save battery life).

* Supports saving and loading games to PGN files, sending games by e-mail, and transferring PGN files between your device and your computer.

* Play against the machine, or play both sides, with or without book moves and engine analysis displayed on the screen.

* Choose from nine piece sets and eight color schemes.

* Complete source code available under the GNU General Public License.


Versión 2.13.0

Fixed a bug that caused the target area for the toolbar buttons to be shifted a few pixels up, making it difficult for some users to hit the buttons reliably.

Fixed broken move lists (not the one below the board, but the one that appears after tapping "Move" and "Move List" -- does anybody use this one?) on the new larger iPhones.

Valoraciones y reseñas

3.6 de 5
12 valoraciones
12 valoraciones
Luisiñolo ,

shuts off gen load gane

Hi, Stockfish systematically shuts off when trying to load the Alphazero-Stockfish games in pgn.

Pau Díaz ,

No actualizado

No le van incorporando las últimas versiones del motor de cálculo.

Guillermo Ferrero Ferri ,

Muy bueno

Sencillo y bueno para jugar al ajedrez. Además gratuito


Tord Romstad
39 MB

Requiere iOS 7.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Clasificada 4+
© 2009-2014 Tord Romstad, Marco Costalba, Joona Kiiski


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