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*Named to iTunes Best of 2012 app list*
*Winner 2012 Webby Award & People's Voice Webby Award for Best Lifestyle App for Tablet*
*Winner 2012 Appy Award for Best Lifestyle App*

"Unstuck is a brilliant app that coaches you through challenges to a better life." - Lifehacker

“What’s needed is planning, action, and maybe even some austerity measures—which is why the Unstuck iPad app, offered for free, is a tempting download.” - The New Yorker

"Best of all, Unstuck offers several different 'tools,' or ways to unstick yourself from whatever your problem may be. It works for all the big decisions – jobs, relationships, outfits for holiday parties. And it’s free." -


Unstuck is an in-the-moment digital coach that's ready any time you're feeling stuck.

Unstuck offers up personalized digital tools and content to help you get from stuck to unstuck, no matter what the challenge may be.


— Figure out why you’re stuck —
First, the app helps you diagnose what’s really going on—with a challenge at work, a relationship issue, a goal that’s just out of reach. It teases out what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, and what you’re actually doing.

— Learn how to get unstuck —
Based on the diagnostic, the app helps you identify what type of stuck moment you’re having—maybe you’re acting like a Waffler, overthinking your choices, or you’re being a Deflated Doer, in need of inspiration. It helps you understand that moment and then suggests how to move forward.

— Take action —
For each stuck moment, you get tried-and-true tips and the perfect tool to pry yourself loose and get unstuck.

You can keep coming back to the app again and again, incorporating it into your daily life so that your stuck moments can be handled as they come up.


Unstuck allows users to save up to 10 stuck moments at a time by creating a personalized account when you first launch Unstuck. Your personal stuck moment information is not shared with anyone. A login is necessary so that you can logout on shared iPads to ensure your personal stuck moments are only available to you.

The Unstuck app operates best on iOS9 and higher.


Versión 2.5.0

- Updated fonts
- Official iOS 11 support

Valoraciones y reseñas

Bien estructurada


Buena ayuda para repensarte. Buen diseño y con bastantes herramientas para poner tus ideas en limpio.

Had me smiling - and sorted!

Mike en Valencia

If only all apps were so well thought through, well designed, fun (yes owning up problems made fun) and useful. So many times before this would have been a help. May only be a To Do list maker but it is THE To Do list maker with friendly face and supportive guidance sprinkled on top. A true fairy cake of esteem :D

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Requiere iOS 9.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPad.
Clasificada 4+
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