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You want sleek.
You want powerful.
You want beautiful.
Your design tool for Instagram. End Ugly Instas.
READ FIRST: Only download if you are unconventional.

New features:
• Search and Repost - Find any username or hashtag and import directly into UNUM
• Tag Clouds - Create, store, and copy any tags, hashtags, usernames to post in your caption or comments

• Store all your Insta worthy photos/videos in one place, for any account! *no more aimlessly scrolling through your camera roll
• Visually plan your grid •• Rearrange Tool + Drag & Drop
• Tell limitless stories •• Multiple Accounts
• Dive into your data •• Analytics
• Design different Drafts •• Draft Feature
• Add depth to your photos •• Edit/Filter Tool
• Save time and increase efficiency •• Custom Scheduling + Reminders
• Freedom to share to Instagram anytime •• Direct Post
• Create complexity •• Tile Tool
• Personalize your message beforehand •• Caption Pen
• Customize your style in settings •• Light Mode/Dark Mode + Schemes
• Hide your posted Instagram photos to see what your feed would look like without them •• Phantom Mode
• Make your grid interactive •• Live Grid
• Store your photos from your Camera Roll, Favorites Folder, etc. to UNUM
• And more for you to uncover ;)

If you’re reading this, you’re already late to the game. Instagrammers around the world, from influencers to brands to high-growth startups, are controlling their story with UNUM.

Here’s our story:

| E Pluribus UNUM…A Latin phrase that means, “Out of many, one.”
| Out of many pictures is one story, yours.
| We needed UNUM to tell our story, now let UNUM tell yours.
| We’re a community of passionate photographers, designers, adventurers, and storytellers.
| You’re family now, we will always have your back no matter what!
| Don’t be a stranger, reach us ( anytime.

Join our fam | @unumdesign |
Special thanks to our friends: @discoverearth @lauraescanes @kaleyymorgan @livblankson @b.r.e.t.t.y @evonneanddarren @bella.ashylnn @nataliebanilbo @joannahalpin @coppergarden @milligraceldn @theplaintalkobserver @jasminerossol

As always, happy designing!

The UNUM Family

All our features and tools are available for anyone, but if you are a rising influencer, a thriving business, or someone who wants more space to be creative - we have listened!

We have storage plans you can easily upgrade to :)

Free plan features:
• Total Grids: 18
• 500 photo and video uploads / month

SELECT Plan features:
• Total Grids: 36
• Access to draft feature.
• 10 Tag Clouds
• 1000 photo and video uploads / month
• Subscriptions are optional and are available at $2.99 per month until you decide to upgrade or cancel.

ELITE Plan features:
• Tag Clouds - All your notes, saved and synced.
• Advanced Analytics: Sentiment Card - bringing you true emotional insight into each and every one of your posts.

• Advanced Analytics: Followers - Break down your gained and lost follower count down to the exact hour! This deep insight will help you determine where your spikes are coming from, what posts are outperforming or underperforming, and if/when you should change your strategy.

• Total Grids: 54
• Access to draft feature.
• 10 Tag Clouds
• Unlimited photo and video uploads / month
• Subscriptions are optional and are available at $6.99 per month until you decide to change your plan or cancel.

Payments will be charged to your iTunes account after confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

Your subscription can be managed in your iTunes Account Settings after purchase, or in Settings under "Subscription" Subscriptions cannot be canceled for the current active period.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:


Versión 2.7.9

• NEW •

Introducing - Albums.

+ It’s kindaaa like inception because NOW you can design your grids within grids ;)
+ We’re having so much fun planning out and playing around with albums haha like way too much fun (we need to get out lol).

Introducing - Zoom in.

+ See the details in your photos and videos with pinch n’ zoom <3


One ask from us, please :)

Just close your eyes (well not now because you won’t know what we’re asking, but like after reading this obvii), block out all the other noise going on around you, and take one deep breath. Exhale. Take one more, but let this one have a slow exhale out.

Now, think of 5 names of people that you know. Whatever the first five names were, take a mental note or write them down somewhere. And sometime this week just reach out to those five, individually, and let them know how much they mean to you. It’s okay that you haven’t talked to them in “idk howwwww long?!” or “It will be awkward if I hit them up randomly.” Trust us, just let them know. Maybe even share and reflect on memorable moment with you two.

Why? Well, tbh, we don’t know why we felt compelled to include this in this particular update description, but it doesn’t matter. Everyone wants to be heard. Taking a pause in the hecticness of life to go out of your way to let someone know how much they matter -- will make a difference, whether you know or not. It costs you nothing while it can give someone everything. We don’t ask for much, but are asking for this one favor, please.

We’ll start.

To all of you, you don’t know how many friendships we’ve made. How many memories we will never forget. How many smiles and hugs we’ve experienced. All because of you. You make us excited to wake up and even more eager to stay up throughout the night. You will never know how much you impacted our lives. We couldn’t imagine a better family. Love you.

As always, happy designing!

The UNUM Fam

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