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UP Studio is from Beijing Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd. It integrates several functions like model showing, model editor,model generator and model printing.
Model Showing: UP Studio supports stl and UP3 format files. It show complicated model more fluently than other 3d software.
Model Editor: UP Studio includes model rotation, translation, scaling, consolidation and other operations.
Model Generator: UP Studio provides several ways to obtain model,like generating from a image or download form Tiertime cloud.
Model Printing: UP Studio provides a user friendly GUI which can support UP serial printer well.
1. It can continue to play after power outaging.
2. It can connect with a 3D printer by wifi and usb.
3. You can customize material through UP Studio
4.You can save ten model at the same time and reprint them.
Moreover,UP Studio provides a bunch of help vedios of UP serials printer. And, it is a good platform to share your printer job to your friend.Hope you like it!


Versión 2.5.1

1. Added featuresfor X5.
2. Performanceimprovements and bug fixes.
3. Major release for Material Profile Manager:
1) Users can define and manage material profile for 3rd party filaments. UP Studio opened up more parameters for 3rd Party filaments to fine-tune the printing process.
2) New "fmd" file formt to define material profile.
4. Added build plate auto-heat feature: By clicking Print or Send (in tsk mode) button will initiate the printer start heating up the build plate. The printer will stop heating if the print job did not start in 5 minutes.
5. Notes:
The customized materials defined using previous software versions will be obsolete. Users need to follow the new process to define the material profile in the Material Profile Manager.

Valoraciones y reseñas

bbabeab ,

No funciona correctamente

Llevo utilizando este software algunos días con mi impresora UP Mini, y tengo que decir que no funciona correctamente, en muchas ocasiones le mandas alguna acción tipo extruir, calibrar o incluso imprimir y se queda parada como si no le hubieses mandado nada… Hay que cerrar el software o apagar la impresora y volver a comenzar.
Desde mi punto de vista, necesita una actualización próximamente.


Beijing Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd.
110.1 MB
OS X 10.10 o posterior, procesador de 64 bits
Clasificada 4+
© Beijing Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd.


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