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Censored Colors

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Albumin arvostelu

Wasilla, AK, received a great deal of attention in 2008 as the city where VP candidate Sarah Palin once served as mayor, and as a place with a terrible crystal meth problem. Wasilla is also the city that gave listeners Portugal. The Man — an alternative pop/rock outfit that has had a lot of potential but hasn't always been consistent. Censored Colors, it turns out, is their most consistent and memorable album (certainly as of 2008), and this 53-minute CD finds Portugal. The Man sounding more focused and decisive without sacrificing their experimental nature. The Alaskans have tried different things on different releases; on Censored Colors, their approach is best described as alternative pop/rock with theatrical leanings and elements of progressive rock, psychedelic rock, and soul. Rock musicals are an influence — Portugal. The Man's members sound like have been checking out Tommy and Hair — as are artists ranging from Pink Floyd to Radiohead to the Beatles (the gift that keeps on giving). But Portugal. The Man never sound confused on Censored Colors; they had some growing and developing to do, and they show a lot of growth as a band on this 2008 release. That is not to say that Censored Colors isn't self-indulgent at times, but the album's excesses are not a major problem — and overall, Censored Colors leaves listeners with a favorable impression of the band. Censored Colors is a definite step forward for Portugal. The Man.


Perustettu: 2003 kohteessa Wasilla, AK

Genre: Alternative

Vuotta toiminnassa: '00s, '10s

There has to be some credit given for this band's name alone — co-founder John Gourley once explained it as an attempt to create a demi-mythic entity bigger than the individual members. Formed in Wasilla, Alaska, Portugal. The Man (yes, there's a period in the middle of their name) grew out of the ashes of Anatomy of a Ghost, a post-hardcore band whose vocalist and guitarist — Gourley and Zach Carothers, respectively — opted to continue working together. Rounding out the new band's...
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Censored Colors, Portugal. The Man
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