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A four-piece multi-style rock act that drew comparisons to Deerhoof and Ecstatic Sunshine, Ponytail released their first slab of infectious sugar-fueled two-guitar trad punk (Kamehameha on Creative Capitalism) in January of 2007. The Baltimore, MD, quartet featured drummer Jeremy Hyman, guitarist Ken Seeno, and other guitarist (and Ecstatic Sunshine member) Dustin Wong, all fronted by the vast array of sounds that was vocalist Molly Siegel. Winning critical praise for their hyper noisy live show that evoked elements of heavy-duty riffage, yells, growls, art rock, surf rock, ska, and Indian war chants, the outfit of youngsters appeared at the South by Southwest music conference in Austin, TX, in the early part of 2008. Their second album, Ice Cream Spiritual, appeared in June of 2008 on We Are Free Records. The band went on hiatus in 2010, with Wong releasing a solo album on Thrill Jockey, Hyman drumming for the Boredoms and Seeno working on his own music. However, they reconvened quickly enough to issue their third album, Do Whatever You Want All the Time, in early 2011. ~ Chris True

    Baltimore, MD

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