Welcome to the 10x Consumer Program! With a variety of different categories to choose from & a pool of thousands of questions, it is up to you to become the winner in each game.

Start your quest today by challenging others:
· Thousands of questions on things you might not even know they exist;
· Fun and challenging categories;
· Watch how you progress throughout a ranking system based on your performance;

The 10x Consumer Program
The 10x Consumer Program helps you learn and put your knowledge to the test. Whether you are a senior employee or a new joiner, this is the arena where to challenge your peers in a one to one combat of “Discover Electrolux”.

Follow your progress and compete with your colleagues to see who really knows it best! Improve your ranking by beating your opponent in one-on-one quiz combat!

This is how you play
First you challenge either a random player or someone you know. If that person accepts, the game is on! In every round, you are faced with the same questions as your opponent and the player starting each round gets to choose the category. Once it is your turn, a notification will appear on your phone.

Playing the game and winning matches results in a score, putting you in the rankings. On the Leaderboard you can see how you stack up to others. You’ll start as level 1 and progress from there, each level gives you a Badge to show your progress.


Versio 2.0.1

New in this version:
- Badges! You can now unlock badges by completing campaigns
- Now supporting the new iPhone Xs/Xs Max and XR

This version fixes the following:
- Sporadic crashes occurring for many users at seemingly random times
- Strange behaviour regarding push notifications
- Some UI-glitches here and there


Intelligent Apps Sweden AB
33.6 Mt
Edellyttää iOS-versiota 11.2 tai tätä uudempaa versiota. Yhteensopiva laitteiden iPhone, iPad ja iPod touch kanssa.
englanti, ruotsi
Ikäraja 4+
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