Take control of the speed of your videos. Flow let you manipulate time and give you new perspectives on your recorded moments.
Combining high speed and slow motion techniques you will be able to create stunning videos.

Flow is intuitive and super easy to use, just add and move control points up and down so the video will go gradually faster or slower it's recorded speed.


• Capture amazing videos combining different speeds on-the-fly and perfect it later with innovative time remapping options.

• Import videos from your library or from from external sources like a GoPro or other action cameras.

• You will be able to slow down or speed up any videos up to 24x combining different speeds.

• Instant speed change, you can preview your production without any waiting time.

• Supports importing and exporting ultra high resolution "4K" videos.

• Videos created with Flow will play exact same way on every device, perfect for sharing.

• Flow includes a handy extension for videos within the Photos app.

• More than 40 Instagram like video effects to apply to your videos.

• Publish directly to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others.

• You can even reverse your videos and play them backwards.

• The audio of the video will match the video speed creating a cool effect.

• Save pieces of your videos as images.

• Rotate videos you recorded in the wrong orientation.

• Crop videos to square format.

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Versio 1.14

● 3D Touch is available though the app, add a new control point by strong touching the Flow Pad.

● Peek and Pop your projects and videos at the main screen lists for a preview and more actions.

● Perfect your capture timings using 3D Touch, simply strong press for changing the speed while your finger are on the screen.

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● New recording mode allows you to capture videos straight from Flow combining slow-mo and high speed techniques on-the-fly.

● Now different speeds have specific colours though the app making it easier to visualize the speed control dynamics.

● Added support for Apple Watch ( Available for Professional users ) that works as a remote control when recording videos.

● Added support for Photo extensions, you can edit your videos straight from the Apple Photos app.

● Improvements on the design of all interfaces with more colours and bigger buttons for a better workflow.

● Improvements with the newest technologies from Apple such as Asset Catalog and App Thinning for greater optimisation.

● Use the 'More' option when sharing your video to access even more video publishing services.

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Super good!

Lagaa ipadilla...

Is this dream? This app is amazing!


Mauricio Rubio
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Edellyttää iOS-versiota 9.0 tai tätä uudempaa versiota. Yhteensopiva laitteiden iPhone, iPad ja iPod touch kanssa.
arabia, englanti, espanja, heprea, hindi, indonesia, italia, japani, kiina (perint.), kiina (yksinkertainen), korea, norja (kirjanorja), portugali, puola, ranska, ruotsi, saksa, thai, turkki, venäjä, vietnam
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