Keepit provides you an easy and affordable solution to secure your digital life, including photos, videos, documents, music and more. At the same time, Keepit allows you to find and share any kind of file/document from any computer, mobile device or the Cloud.

You can rest assured that your Digital Life remains safe and accessible no matter where you are or what happens to your devices or services.

Keepit will automatically back up your data from any device or cloud service 24/7 all year around.

Keepit! Findit! Shareit!


• Desktop Backup and Synchronization
o Full Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
o Integration of context menu for easy sharing of any file or folder
o Easy sharing directly from your desktop
o Full version history
• Mobile and Tablet Backup and Synchronization
o Access data in Keepit
o Offline files
o Automatic backup of pictures, contacts and videos
o Upload data ad-hoc to Keepit
o Easily share any file or folder
o Full version history support
o Background transfer
• Advanced Web App
o Use a browser to access all your data
o Easy restoration of single or multiple files
o Account information and management
o Upload of data
o Easy Sharing of any file or folder
o Browse your version history
• Cloud Connectors Backup and Restore
o Continuous backup of popular Cloud Services
o In-cloud restoration of popular Cloud Services
• Full Feature Control Panel for IT Admins
o Manage Users, Groups, and Policies
o Manage common file shares
o Manage sharing restrictions
o Manage custom branding and communication
o Full RESTFul API Available

Our app supports background transfer, we do this to complete the task of data backup when new data have been created on the phone (new photos, videos and contacts). This background transfer will only happen for a few minutes at a time to make sure Keepit does not use all battery. If you've chosen "Wi-Fi only transfer" in settings, background transfer will be disabled unless you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

About Keepit

Keepit is all about serving you security for life. We are developing Keepit to embrace you Digital Life and to help you collect ALL your data no matter where it sitting. needless to say you can always access, share and synchronize all your data with those you wish - but you decide!


Versio 1.8.1

Use Keepit to share any files (Ad-hoc sharing)
General stabilization


Surftown A/S
22.2 Mt
Edellyttää iOS-versiota 7.0 tai tätä uudempaa versiota. Yhteensopiva laitteiden iPhone, iPad ja iPod touch kanssa.
englanti, norja (kirjanorja), ruotsi, saksa, tanska
Ikäraja 4+
© Keepit A/S

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