Embrace the serene paradise of Magic Towers Solitaire. Inspired by the classic game of Tri-Peaks Solitaire, clear the cards to lift the spell and reveal a beautiful castle. Download to enjoy the passing clouds and shafts of sunlight creating an immersive experience to while away the hours.

Use your skill and intelligence to fill the realm with magical towers and castles. Originally released as an online card game our version of TriPeaks solitaire has now found even more fans on iPhone and iPad with millions of players. To win a round all you have to do is remove all three peaks (or pyramids) of cards by matching cards that are one or higher or lower than your current card. You don't need to match them by their suits. If you can't make a move, simply turn over a card from the deck. Win as many rounds as you can to get highest score.

Here are some of the emails and reviews we have received about our card game.

"This is my go-to game! I've been playing it for years and I love it. I recommend it to anyone who wants a challenge."

"I absolutely love solitaire games, and I've been playing this one for a few years now. This version is more fluid than previous ones and provides a much more enjoyable experience as a result!"

"I like how it's different to Klondike Solitaire. The whole family competes for high scores."

- A relaxing game for your brain inspired by the popular tri-peaks, a classic solitaire.
- Enchanting graphics set in a fantastical realm.
- Simple controls and smooth gameplay.
- High score leader boards so you can play with friends and family.
- Atmospheric sound effects.
- Interruption friendly with auto-save and resume, so you can play whenever time allows.

This is a relaxing card game for anyone who has enjoyed playing a card game including classics like Spider and Windows Solitaire. We trust you will enjoy playing and relaxing with Magic Towers Solitaire!


Versio 1.53.16

In this update, we’ve squashed some bugs, fixed some glitches and made improvements to enhance your gameplay experience.

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22 arviota
22 arviota
Dist prof

Spoiled by the update

It was a very nice solitaire, but the update spoiled it. If loads very slowly, now it contains all sorts of idiotic and annoying animations. I used to love playing it, now I just get irritated.


Mukavaa ajanvietettä

Kiva peli ;)


Hyvä on

Hyvä ja koukuttava peli. En keksi pahaa sanottavaa.


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Edellyttää iOS-versiota 10.3 tai tätä uudempaa versiota. Yhteensopiva laitteiden iPhone, iPad ja iPod touch kanssa. Apple TV.
englanti, espanja, hollanti, italia, portugali, ranska, saksa
Ikäraja 4+
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