Andrew Kirkman

English scholar and conductor Andrew Kirkman is the founder of the Renaissance vocal group The Binchois Consort. As a student at the University of Durham, King's College of the University of London, and Princeton University in the United States, he developed an interest in sacred music of the Renaissance. He has been on the staffs of the University of Manchester, the University of Wales, and Oxford University in Britain, and of Rutgers University in New Jersey, U.S.

His main area of research has been sacred music of the fifteenth century, especially the Franco-Flemish school centered on the brilliant court of the Dukes of Burgundy, including Ockgehem, Dufay, Walter Frye, Antoine Busnois, and John Bedyngham.

He founded the Binchois Consort (which is not the same group as the Ensemble Gilles Binchois, conducted by Dominique Vellard since 1979) for a performance of Dufay's Mass for St. Anthony of Padua in 1995. Hyperion Records subsequently engaged him and the Binchois Consort to record that performance. Kirkman has gone on to direct it in further music of Dufay, Frye, Busnois, Josquin, and others on Hyperion. In autumn of 1999, he led the group on a tour to the New York area of the U.S.

He named the ensemble after Gilles de Bins Binchois, composer of the earliest known surviving polyphonic setting of the Te Deum.

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