Andy Edwards

This performer is a Welsh multi-instrumentalist and studio musician who has been involved in many bands and projects, best known of which is the group Ezra. That combo is not related to Better Than Ezra and has not reacted in any way to the boasting that is part and parcel of the latter band's name. Along the same lines it should be pointed out that this Colin Edwards, often credited as Andy Edwards, is not the same Colin Edwards who played rockabilly bass. He is also not related to the American Colin Edwards who calls himself Tack, although they both spend a great deal of time in recording studios. The Welsh Edwards' home away from home is Danny Chang's Studio in Cardiff, where he has earned the reputation as a man who can figure out how to play anything. Ezra is not the only group this talented man has worked in. That list would be quite long but highlights include Prophecy circa 1967, one of many bands with this name but the only one that evolved into the prog rock champions Nektar, although not with Edwards in the line-up. From the late '60s into the early '70s he was busy climbing the Filika Ledge, creating more advanced rock with vocalist Adrian Watkins howling over the top. The following decade Edwards played keyboards with the Vipers, another combo monicker that has been used frequently since the '30s; this version was a group playing electric jazz funk around the United Kingdom. ~ Eugene Chadbourne

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