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Based in Paris, France, this synthpop band was originally intended as a joke, set up the Michael Szpiner (bass), Dorian Dumont (guitar/synthesizer) and Quentin Delafon (vocals) on their MySpace page over Christmas 2005. Despite the questionable origins of the Teenagers, the trio could all draw on previous musical and DJing experience to add substance to the project, and with a rapidly expanding Internet following it soon began to take on a life of its own. Beneath the flashy stylistic showboating of their synth-heavy electronic pop lurked some memorable hooklines, however, a fact born out by the 2007 singles ‘Homecoming’ and ‘Starlett Johansson’. The former track earned the most notoriety, owing to some explicit English language lyrics and the debatable misogyny of the subject matter. The 2008 album Reality Check did not let up on the candid lyrics, although over the course of a whole album the shtick began to wear thin. The trio has notably remixed tracks by Air, Au Revoir Simone, GoodBooks, and New Young Pony Club.


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