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Why we fear

Tämä kirja voidaan ladata ja lukea Macin tai iOS-laitteen iBooks-apissa.


Why We Fear gets to grips with the essence of fear in life and in business. Why We Fear uncovers the mechanisms of fear and the huge role this often misunderstood emotion plays in our daily lives. At the same time, it dismantles fear into understandable and actionable parts. When fear is divided into its constituent parts, the hidden workings of fear and fear based habits become visible. In this way, the book charts a road-map for how to deal with this often destructive emotion, and the heavy cost of fear in life and in business.

Fear has always been at the very core of human experience, and yet people generally seem to believe that it is a force of nature outside their own control. Fear is often seen as a mystical, poorly understood influence that creeps up on us at the worst possible moment, wrecks our performance, dulls our wits, and makes our lives shrink. Why We Fear robs fear of this mystique. In addition, as Henkka Hyppönen points out, fear is not always a disastrous and destructive force. Sometimes, a little injection of fear helps us to perform better as individuals and as teams.   


Panu Luukka

This book is a must read for all leaders and wanna-be-leaders. Henri Hyppönen digs deep into the one of the most strongest emotions: Fear. Fear in itself is an interesting research topic, but what makes Hyppönen’s book exceptional, is his analysis on how fear (or absence of it) affects organisations and people in them (both leaders and ”followers”).
Hyppönen’s writing style is compelling. He’s stories are interesting, detail filled and his conclusions are well grounded. Hyppönen’s book offers also pragmatic tips on how to control fear both on individual and organisational level.

Fear - busted!

I can strongly recommend this book. Combining up-to-date research theories with practical examples in interesting way is not an easy task. Anyway Hyppönen manages to keep the reader in tight grip and the book flows smoothly between different aspects on individual and collective level. The aim of the book is to demystify fear and that is well reached. Despite many practical tips, this is not traditional self help book but rather an interesting journey to the topic that (almost) no-one can avoid!

Why we fear
Näytä iTunesissa
  • 14,99 €
  • Saatavilla iPhonella, iPadilla, iPod touchilla ja Macilla.
  • Kategoria: Liiketoiminta ja yksityistalous
  • Julkaistu: 14.12.2015
  • Julkaisija: Kustannusosakeyhtiö Tammi
  • Tulostuspituus: 313 sivua
  • Kieli: englanti
  • Vaatimukset: Tämän kirjan katsominen edellyttää, että sinulla on iOS-laite, jossa on iBooks 1.3.1 tai uudempi ja iOS 4.3.3 tai uudempi, tai Mac, jossa on iBooks 1.0 tai uudempi ja OS X 10.9 tai uudempi.


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