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About Dave McCullen

Dave McCullen was born David Vervoot in Belgium on December 28, 1977. He began DJing as early as the age of 16, playing in commercial clubs throughout the area. Before becoming widely known as an artist, McCullen worked at A&S Records as a producer, which is where he met longtime collaborator Peter Luts. Together he and Luts produced a number of successful artists, including Ian Van Dahl and Roadblock, to name a few. An adept keyboard player, vocalist, songwriter, and producer, McCullen maintained a musical double life that began in 2001 with both his inaugural release as a DJ, entitled "Cocaine in my Brain" (Stomper), and his participation in Belgian dance/electronica trio Lasgo's debut record, Some Things (EMI). As a member of Lasgo (a group which he started with Luts featuring vocalist Evi Goffin) David was an instant commercial success, hitting number five on national charts and winning a TMF Award for Best National Single. Already a hit record regionally (in countries such as Spain, Germany, and Denmark), Some Things offered the group further success with its 2002 release in the U.K and Scotland. Though Lasgo's touring and promotion schedule kept McCullen busy, he continued to achieve as solo entity as well. His 2004 track "Bitch" became a breakthrough success on the club circuit. Generating a series of remixes and re-releases, the single earned McCullen a reputation as a creative force in the dance/electronica world, completely separate from his notable presence in pop music circles. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez



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