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Créez votre animation image par image à partir de rien, ou créez des animations sur des vidéos, des images ou des calques PSD. Animation Desk prend en charge plusieurs formats d'importation et d'exportation, et vous permet de créer et de partager des animations directement sur votre iPad et votre iPhone.

*La scène est à vous - Le Concours d'Animation iAniMagic attend votre participation. Plus d'informations dans l'application*

- Classé dans le Top 100 des apps les plus ludiques dans plus de 86 Magasins Apple.
- Choisi par Apple dans la page d'accueuil iTunes
- Choisi par TechCrunch
- Choisi par Yahoo Tech
- App parfaite pour apprendre les conceptes d'animation
- Recommandé par edshelf,, All about apps in YOUR classroom, iPad Educators

• 46+ pinceaux
• Importez des vidéos et photos à vos animations
• Rotoscopie pris en charge- transformez vos vidéos en dessins linéaires
• Pelure colorée (iPad only)
• Outil de copie et collage (iPad only)
• Calques

• Combinez plusieurs séquences d'animation en un scénario animé (iPad only)
• PSD calque compatible, exportez les images d'animation comme calques PSD ou importez tout fichier PSD à votre projet d'animation
• Gestionnaire d'image avancé: marquez et créez une annotation sur chaque image
• Barre de raccourci personnalisable (iPad only)
• Ajoutez de la musique à vos animations

• Configurez n'importe quel FPS (image par seconde) selon votre convenance
• Jouer l'animation en sens inverse
• Rejouer votre animation en boucles

Vidéos MOV, GIF, calques PSD
• Scénario PDF
• Scénario animé (iPad only)
• Exportez la vidéo dans le ration d'écran 16:9 et 3:4
• Partagez vos animations sur AniZone, une communauté d'artistes créatifs.

- Application compatible avec l’iPad Pro
- Parfait avec Apple Pencil, Wacom, and Adonit styli
- Insérez des images au projet, au cadre et à la couche sélectionné, directement à partir de votre bibliothèque de photos
- Importez vos projets d'animation sur Write-on Video Cloud pour la post-production, ajoutez des sous-titres, des légendes, des effets de transition et des effets audio pour améliorer vos travaux d'animation

- Kdan Cloud : comprend 500GB Kdan Cloud de Stockage
- Animation Desk Pro : comprend des fonctionnalités avancées dans Animation Desk et 500GB Kdan Cloud de stockage.
- Creativity 365 : déverrouille toutes les fonctionnalités dans les séries d'applications Animation Desk et Kdan Creativity 365, plus 1TB Kdan Cloud de Stockage. Essai gratuit disponible.

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Version 7.6

Fixed the bug where app would not open

Notes et avis

4.1 sur 5

29 notes

29 notes



Un peu de latence avec le stylet, pour le reste c’est du tout bon!

Réponse du développeur

Morning Greguy, thank you for the good review. We are working on the stylus integration, please stay tuned for the next update. Thanks!

Too far from professional level...


I hope it will help those who have been lured by the possibilities of the professional animation.
My critical feedback refers to the price (Pro monthly subscription - 4 euro or 16 euro annually) and the term "Pro" of this application as a quite enough tool for professional artists.
As a Toon Boom Studio user and also Adobe Flash before I am completely disappointed both interface functionality and animation techniques possibilities.

- there is no customizable tool bar or any shortcuts, you must to fly with your stylus from one bar to another and run between properties (more suitable interface you will find in the Classic version of Animation Desk)
- there is no palm rejection (I tried everything, including "turn off" any multi gestures always leaving some traces; I bought Adonit Pixel to try both, Classic version and this one)

As we all know there are many different ways to animate your character or some objects, Animation Desk offers you only two: traditional one (you draw your strokes frame by frame) and rotoscoping (you copy mouvements from imported video frames). However, for "pro"fessional subscription (16 euro per annum, for comparison, I bought TBS for 100 $ once) I expected some flexibility in work and I mean - at least minimum.
There is no:
- traditional digital animation (you create anchors from frame A to frame B to initiate a movement, i.e. rotation of the triangle around its vertex, but to do that you need a timeline on board, Animation Desk does not have it);
- stop-motion animation (of course, you can do this by importing thousands images (made before to animate your puppet for ex.) to every thousand frames in AD but it will be better import them to any film or video editing app instead;
- bone animation (it allows you to make a skeleton over your character and then move its body with skeleton effect);

and as I wrote above, the lacking minimum I expected to work with:
- you cannot copy an element and past it in another layer;
- you cannot change the layers order or setup their properties like opacity;
- there is no way to control imported image, I mean changing its size, moving etc. I will not even mention that you cannot cut fragments of your photos in order to make an artistic animated "collage";
- there is no camera motion and if you want to imitate that effect you have to move your sketched background layer scenography stroke by stroke in each frame (good luck!) but to do that in easier way you needed just control the size and position layer on drawing canvas, no way, you cannot..
- there is no way to make your animation to the soundtrack, to the music, so you can only make a postproduction in external app, Kdan Mobile implies you its own product of course but you can do it in any i.e. iMovie.

I get the impression that Animation Desk authors make no distinction between professional application and educational one. Maybe they just wanted to see their work as a tool-toy for professionals in education system, maybe. But let us be serious, after all those changes and demonstrative marketing persuading to buy the brand new professional product next to Animation Desk Classic (or just to forget it because it is less rental) I do not think so. And the more expensive version: Animation Desk Ultimate (about 21 euro once - maybe you do not need subscription.. and save your money after 5 months) does not at all solve the problems I mentioned above, maybe one. I read description and found only customizable bar and more brushes etc. But I don't need more brushes or tagging animated frames, or KdanMobile Cloud to open animation in another Kdan Mobile product, I need more techniques to express my creativity in more efficient way, especially since it's about "animate" not only "drawing". If not I only see the project like this one calculated for making big money instead of moving animation desktop work on tablets.
I hope that what I wrote will be useful and if it is not enough you can always try the free version (less advantages like 3 layers instead of 5, etc.) or purchase like me monthly subscription trying "pro" adds (if you will not satisfied do not forget to unsubscribe one day before the end of subscription ).

If you have more than one account in App Store you have to stay logged in that which is assigned to Animation Desk, if not you cannot switch layers, tag frames etc. I just discovered that the "undo" and "redo" do not work properly.

Réponse du développeur

Thank you for the thoughtful suggestions. We understand there are still many ways to make this app better and are constantly working on doing so. Honest feedback from customers is always appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.
Our team has actually thought about some features mentioned in your comments. However, some of the implementations are restricted to the hardware capacity. If you are willing to use the app again, here are some possible answers to your questions:
1. You can actually resize, cut, or rotate the imported images by dragging the arrows around its corners. You can also use the scissors to cut part of the images down.
2. When importing videos to your project, tick on the "rotoscoping" options, and you can extract the lines in a film and capture the motion, but we currently only support one rotoscope animation in one single sequence.
3. You can enable the shortcut toolbar in the setting (the little gauge below the editing canvas)"
If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to email us at We are always happy to hear from you. Thank you.

Attention: précaution...


Excellente application ! -À condition qu'à l'ouverture, on n'oublie pas de passer en mode portrait...


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