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Asketch is a unique and versatile sketch pad that fits in your pocket. It allows creativity on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Its deliberate simplicity makes it perfect for beginners who want to learn to draw;
equally, advanced artists will find a wonderful buttery, tonal canvas for their life studies, cartoons, abstracts, landscapes and other subjects. The app is engineered to deliver rapid, but powerful image capture, facilitated by a great transform function that allows you to pick up the drawing, resize it and move it around the canvas, and a amazing zoom that lets you draw in minute detail. So if you want to put a traditional, but digital sketch pad in your pocket, this is the app for you.

Features and functionality:

Image zooming that actually works: Do amazing detail work when zoomed in. No pixelation of brushes while drawing! Zooming is accessed via a reverse pinch when the menu is displayed.

Use a two finger tap (or a swipe from the screen bottom) to pull up the menu.

Image transformation: Scale/Rotate the image via a simple pinch gesture. (When menu is visible)

Two distinct pencils types: use a swipe gesture on the pencil button to switch back and forth between hard and soft drawing modes. Tap the selected pencil to toggle between black, white, and colored drawing.

20 Levels of undo/redo. Swipe the undo/redo button to toggle back and forth.

To configure your pencil, use two fingers to pinch and rotate. This resizes the focus circle. The smaller the circle, the more focused/darker the drawing will be. The bigger the circle the more pronounced the procedural interaction with previous lines, and the lighter it starts out.

Rotation of the pencil circle changes the line width.

To configure your eraser, also use two fingers to pinch and rotate.
Rotation affects eraser transparency. Pinching controls the size of the brush. When rotated to maximum transparency, the erase operates as a smudge tool.

What People are saying:
"Fantastic intuitive system for creative expression." -Nagabohimina

"This is my favorite art app! I have bought it for three of my friends already and they all love it. We send drawings back and forth everyday. Really good job on this app!" - SmurfedYa

"I bought ASketch about three months ago and couldn't be happier. It seemed too good to be true when I bought it, but within 45 minutes of purchasing the app I finished a full drawing and was amazed at the realistic results! Since then, it's been a "go to" tool and lives with my most important apps on the first page of my iPad. But this is the incredible part; when I meet fellow artists in school lounges and on the train to campus while I'm drawing in ASketch, they usually ask me what app I'm using. And 95% of the time, they in love with it before even buying-- Heck, I've even had a few friends (and a teacher) purchase it right on the spot! Plus, the final pieces have fooled a few folks into thinking these are actual graphite sketches. That's the power of ASketch's results. You won't be disappointed!!" - FLASHY! cat

"I keep buying and trying other drawing apps but none get close to the quality of this one. I can actually create art on this app. Art that I can use. Art that I feel I can share with others. Other apps LOOK like they were created on an iPad and seem only good for sketching ideas. What can be produced using this app is smooth and beautiful and looks like it was created on paper media. You can almost smell the graphite. I can create a final product with this alone. If I had to have only one app for my iPad, I would choose this one." - Steplander


Version 2.3.4

Fix for crash problems under iOS 9.
Fix for copy/paste image warping.
Fix for long press for copying not working on pressure sensitive devices

Notes et avis

Excellente appli


Excellente appli de dessin, ma préférée pour l'instant (suivie de près par LiveSketch HD). La simplicité a été privilégiée par rapport au nombre d'options, ce qui me convient parfaitement. L'interface ne gêne pas le dessin.

La taille et la transparence du crayon et de la gomme se régle avec des gestes des deux doigts (pincer/écarter pour la taille, faire pivoter pour la transparence). Cela demande une petite adaptation mais en quelques essais j'ai trouvé le réglage qui me convient.

J'aime beaucoup la gomme dont on peut régler la taille et la transparence.

Attention, on ne peut dessiner qu'en noir et blanc. Si la couleur est importante pour vous, préférez LiveSketch. (Mais la gomme est beaucoup moins bien !)

Ajout après quelques semaines d'utilisation : j'aime toujours beaucoup, mais j'utilise beaucoup mieux l'appli depuis que j'ai regardé la vidéo-mode d'emploi proposée par l'auteur. Elle n'est pas très longue (et en anglais) mais elle permet vraiment de tirer parti de cette appli simple mais très riche.

Et pour faire bonne mesure j'ajouterai une petite critique : dommage qu'on ne puisse pas importer des images de l'album pour dessiner dessus...

Tout en finesse...


J'utilise l'appli "harmonious" pour une détente rapide et "zinzin", mais quand j'ai un peu plus de temps et envie d'un dessin plutôt "zen", je préfère les traits plus fins et "langoureux" de ASKetch. J'aime aussi la sobriété de cet' appli...pas de superflu... Et contrairement a "harmonious", il y a une gomme, pour les petites rectifications. ❤

Pas trop mal


Cette application permet de dessiner comme avec des crayons de papier en gris/noir sur fond blanc. Il manque beaucoup d'options pour en faire une superbe application. Par exemple: les calques, le zoom, des textures de papier, un choix de couleurs. Tout cela est frustrant pour la créativité. Sinon, c'est un très bon début.


Andrew Kern
2.2 Mo
Nécessite iOS 8.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.
Classé 4+
© 2010 Andrew Kern
3,49 €

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    Jusqu’à six membres de la famille peuvent utiliser cette app lorsque le partage familial est activé.

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