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GitHub in your pocket: The best way for staying up to date with what's going on in your projects and catching up with the open source ecosystem.
iOctocat has a full-blown feature set, if you are looking for something in particular, see the list below or the website at

Be sure to follow the project on Twitter or (@iOctocat) to be informed about what features will be added soon and when new versions ship!

So, without further ado, here's what the app can do for you:

*** Activity Feeds and Profiles ***
• See what's up with repositories you watch and users you follow
• User and organization profiles including repositories, gists, etc. (organizations in Basic version)
• Follow users

*** Repositories ***
• Quick access to your public repos (private ones in Basic version)
• Star, watch or fork repositories
• See the code and recent commits of the different branches, the README, issues and forks
• Code viewer with lots of nice themes, so you can see the code in all of its beauty
• Your star- and watchlist

*** Commits ***
• Detailed information about the files that were added, removed and modified
• Browse the changes of the modified files viewing colored diffs
• Comment on commits and even diff lines

*** Issues and Pull Requests ***
• Open, close or edit issues - merge pull requests on the go
• Issue and pull request discussion/commenting
• List of issues across your repositories

*** Gists ***
• Access to your public, private and starred gists
• Browse them the same way you can explore repositories
• Of course you can comment on gists, too

*** Search and Trending Repositories ***
• Look up users and repositories
• See the list of trending repositories per language

These are the major features, plus lots more and counting.
The app is rapidly improved with new feature additions as the GitHub API gets extended.

Here are some more niceties:
• Works with GitHub's Two-Factor Authentication
• Works with Personal Access Token Authentication
• Username, issue, and emoji completion (as seen on GitHub) plus Markdown shortcuts
• Get notified about GitHub status warnings
• Open almost every URL in iOctocat, by prefixing it with ioc:// instead of https://
• 1Password integration (can be used when adding an account)


Version 2.9.3

Allow merging pull requests for repos that need squash or rebase merges.

Notes et avis

Bonne app pour GitHub


iOctocat est une bonne application pour GitHub, assez complète, mais je trouve le prix un peu cher, je ne sais pas ce qui justifie ce prix... J'ai sauté le pas la dernière fois en upgradant, mais ça ne permet quand même pas de recevoir les notifications, il faut passer au tarif supérieur. Mis à part ceci, l'application fonctionne bien.

Ios7 obligatoire et n'est plus universelle


De plus en plus fermée cette application.
Elle fonctionnait pour iPhone et iPad
Maintenant uniquement pour iPhone sous ios7 !

Marvelous! Splendid and also fantastic!

Charles Frost

This is by far the best and versatile Github client one can imagine.
Perfect UI, workflow is fast and very efficient. Almost everything is supported (screenshot/photo upload would be killer though).
I would have spent €20+ to get this functionality.
I can now actually work on the phone 98 percent of what I normally do on the desktop in Git. These guys just simplified my entire work. Well done! But please do add picture upload...


Dennis Reimann
7.8 Mo
Réseaux sociaux
Nécessite iOS 9.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.
Classé 4+
© 2009 Dennis Reimann
Achats intégrés
  1. iOctocat Basic 4,49 €
  2. iOctocat Pro 9,99 €
  3. iOctocat Pro (from Basic) 5,49 €

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