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"It's ideal for planning out your day, Bullet Journal style. [...] the combination of scheduling, tagging, and (plain text, portable) notes in one place makes it a true productivity tool." - Brett Terpstra, MacStories

"If you love plain text notes, but hate that they have no way to integrate with your calendars and reminders, then you might just find this to be the perfect app." - Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac

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Daily planning can be a mess when you have giant todo-lists or a dozen scribbled notes in notebooks. NotePlan helps you fix this pain with a mix of a markdown calendar, journal, notes, and todo-list. Use it to build your productivity machine!

NotePlan is for busy professionals. Like developers and designers with too many side-projects and a job to handle. It's for people who love writing and plan by writing everything down. If you love using Moleskin Diaries or Journals, NotePlan is perfect for you.

All your notes are safely stored and backed up as lightweight text files in your iCloud Drive. Nothing from NotePlan is sent or stored on our servers.

• Shows your tasks and events in a bird’s-eye.
• Syncs seamlessly with iCal, Google Calendar and anything supported in your iCloud calendars.
• If you missed a task in a previous day, it will be marked for you.

• Every day in your calendar has a dedicated note for planning
• Manage tasks by checking them off as 'done', 'scheduled' and 'canceled'.
• Schedule a task (or multiple at once), if you couldn't finish it today. Push it quickly to tomorrow or any other day.
• Simple text formatting with markdown, such as bold, italic, lists, titles, etc. Organize your day in different projects using titles ('# title') for example.

• Besides​ the calendar, store general notes, checklists, todos, etc. without a specific date.
• Filter general notes by tagging them to keep track of your different projects.
• Schedule individual todos from a general note directly into the calendar.

If you have any issues, ideas or questions send us an email to! We would love to hear your feedback and give quick support :)


Version 1.6.29

This release fixes a bug which sneaked in the last release: First day of week in the month calendar was resetting to the language instead of the preference on your mac.

Additionally, the page up/down shortcut is implemented for easier keyboard scrolling so you can scan longer notes easier.

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Séduisant sur le papier et dans la vente qui en est faite.
Pas si commeode que cela à l’utilisation.
Ne se pilote pas si bien que prévu avec les raccourcis ( on ne peut pas laisser ses mains sur le clavier ).

Et donc, surtout, crashe systématiquement ( MacBook Air mi 2012 ).

Réponse du développeur

Hi Goodgi and thanks for the feedback!

You are missing some keyboard shortcuts? Please let us know which one in specific, so we can add them. And you see crashes? Can you please send a crash report or explain when the crash happens?


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