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A breakthrough electronic book about our Solar System, offering hours of interactive exploration and presenting a treasure trove of visual information.

Bestselling author Marcus Chown leads us on a grand tour through the incredible diversity of planets, moons, asteroids, comets and spacecraft that surround the Sun in our cosmic backyard. Illuminating his insightful and surprising text are a wealth of beautiful 3D objects, movies, images, animations, and diagrams, all fully interactive, richly detailed and accurately based on real scientific data.

Set the heavens in motion in an interactive orrery that allows you to control the orbits of the moons and planets, observing them from any viewpoint with breath-taking surface detail. View the latest imagery returned by both manned and robot spacecraft, beautifully presented on the iPad screen. Then double-tap any astronomical object to jump directly to its chapter in the interactive book.

Solar System for iPad is brought to you by Touch Press (creators of The Elements) and Faber & Faber (London’s greatest independent publisher). It raises the bar yet again on what an interactive book can be. A perfect gift for anyone with an iPad: Solar System allows the imagination to roam free from Mercury to Pluto and beyond.



Winner of the FutureBook Digital Innovation Prize (The Bookseller Industry Awards) – March 2011



“There is so much to this application that I can only begin to the scratch the surface on its offerings. As with The Elements the content and presentation truly make learning fun and inspiring.”
- WIRED Magazine

“The new Solar System for iPad app is an amazing and extraordinarily attractive resource for amateur astronomers... an out-of-this-world digital book that is as informative as it is beautiful. It’s a stellar example for other reference app makers on how to best take advantage of the tablet medium.”
- USA Today, Marc Saltzman



• Exclusive theme song by Björk
• More than 150 beautifully presented story pages
• Richly Illustrated with interactive diagrams, videos and 3D objects
• Over 40 rotatable and zoomable 3D astronomical objects
• Over 600 images from NASA, ESA and JAXA space missions
• Detailed captions including technical data
• Live astronomical information from Wolfram|Alpha®



English, German, Japanese


About the author:

Leading science writer and former radio astronomer Marcus Chown is cosmology consultant to New Scientist magazine and the author of numerous books including The Quantum Zoo (known internationally as Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You).


Version 1.1.8

Bug fixes and optimisations

Notes et avis

Sabyl67 ,

Solar system

Je viens d'acheter cette encyclopédie pour ma fille de 10ans passionnée par l'astronomie. Avant de me décider, j'avais bien lu le descriptif (en français) et j'ai validé mon choix par la commande. À ma grande déception, seules 3 langues sont disponibles : anglais, allemand, chinois. Bien entendu, je me suis rendue sur le descriptif et j'ai constaté tout à la fin que c'était renseigné... En tous les cas, je n'aurais pas acheté cet appli si j'avais eu ce renseignement en temps voulu.

luc johannet ,

Système solaire

superbe ! Mais à quand une version dans la vieille langue littéraire française ?

jacmichel ,

Une honte, la MAJ 1.1 ne fonctionne pas!

Pour une refonte totale, c'est réussi! 1,1Go d'installé pour cette mise à jour qui lance le programme, puis crash complet. Suppression et réinstallation n'y font rien. En attendant la prochaine MAJ, iL vous faudra réinstaller la v1.0 de votre sauvegarde (bien désactiver la sauvegarde automatique quand on branche l'iPad sur l'ordi). C'est quand même une honte, vu le prix payé, l'espace disque occupé et le temps mis pour revenir en arrière!


Touch Press Inc
1.1 Go
Nécessite iOS 10.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPad.
Allemand, Anglais, Japonais
Classé 4+
© TouchPress Ltd, 2017
10,99 €

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