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"Spectre is a new iOS camera app that uses AI to create stunning long exposures” — the Verge

Introducing Spectre, from the makers of Halide, one of the top camera apps in the App Store.

Spectre uses AI to help you make amazing long exposure photographs. Spectre can remove crowds, turn city streets into rivers of light, make waterfalls look like paintings, and much more. Until now, it was difficult to take long exposures: from keeping the camera steady to guessing the amount of light you need. Spectre takes care of all of that!


• MAKE CROWDS DISAPPEAR: Spectre helps take photos of crowded, touristy places. Simply set a medium or long duration and take a shot to erase the crowd from a location. Capture the those special moments like you remember them.

• RIVERS OF LIGHT: At night, AI scene detection automatically switches modes to draw beautiful light trails, for stunning nighttime city photography or light painting.

• GORGEOUS WATER: Capture waterfalls, ocean waves, fountains and more with beautiful ghostly water.


Spectre’s intelligent computational shutter takes hundreds of shots over the span of a few seconds, and saves them in an accompanying live photo. That means you can pick a different frame as your photo, apply live-photo effects, and even use the long exposure as a live-wallpaper!


Spectre is a packed with powerful technology from by the team that brought you Halide.

From machine learning-based scene detection to computer vision aided image stabilization, Spectre is jammed full of impressive technologies to get the best possible image.


Spectre is meticulously designed. Its dark UI is gentle on the eyes when you shoot at night. Gorgeous glowing highlights infuse it with a unique style. Custom typefaces and iconography combined with unique, smooth controls make it as tactile and delightful as an actual physical camera. Like its sister app Halide, the app is easily usable with one hand, even on the largest iPhones.


Build with the latest tech, Spectre isn't just a long exposure camera — it’s the cutting edge technology showcase of one of the App Store’s foremost camera apps, Halide. Here’s just a few of the latest technologies that we use in Spectre:

- DCI-P3 Wide Color Pipeline
- Live Photos
- Metal Graphics Acceleration
- Tripod Detection
- Siri & Shortcuts
- AI Stabilization
- Machine Learning & CoreML
- Computer Vision


Spectre’s smart Automatic Scene Detection requires iOS 12. AI-based stabilization features are available on iPhone 6S and later.* For the best experience, we recommend iPhone 8 or later.

On iPhone 6 Spectre captures in lower resolution.

* (Full compatibility device list: iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR)


We’re Ben and Sebastiaan, two friends living in the San Francisco Bay Area that love building fantastic apps for photography.

We hope you love Spectre! We’d love your feedback to make it even better or any reports of bugs you run into. You can always contact us directly via email:, on our Twitter: @halidecamera or Instagram: @halideapp

Don’t forget to share your amazing results by tagging them with #SpectreShot so we can share them on our growing social media accounts!


Version 1.1.1

Thank you for helping make Spectre such a success! We're excited to release this hefty update based on your feedback.
AI Stabilization is now available to iPhone 7, 6S and SE users! Handheld shots will be significantly sharper. Just wait for "STABLE" to light up, and snap away.

When shooting light trails, we've increased stabilization on all devices. It took some work to do this without compromising quality, but we think the wait was worth it.

We've increased the resolution of the video we save as part of your live photo. That means more details when you go back to edit the long exposure, or share the video. You didn't know you could share the video? Just tap the movie-share button in the bottom of our photo reviewer.

For our vision impaired users, we've significantly improved voiceover support.

Finally, we've fixed a bunch of small things. We improved the metadata we save in images, so they show the right duration. We've fixed our top crash, and fixed some bugs in Dutch localization. More localizations are coming soon!

Enjoy the update? Fixed an issue you had? Or just love Spectre? We’d love it if you left us a review. It helps us a lot.

If we missed something, please email us at, and we're happy to help.

— Ben & Sebastiaan

Notes et avis

3.3 sur 5
27 notes
27 notes
Laurent Léa ,

Application qui étonne

Spectre camera n’en est qu’à sa version 1.0.1 et pourtant elle a déjà tout d’une grande. Capable de faire disparaître les personnes qui marchent ou des automobiles sur une photo, elle peut aussi faire des effets de lumière et de fantastiques effets de velours de rivière ou de cascade. Digne de sa petite sœur Halide Camera.

Spectrum camera is only at version 1.0.1 and yet it has all of a great. Able to remove people walking or cars in a photo, it can also make light effects and fantastic effects of river velvet or waterfall. Worthy of his little sister Halide Camera.

WiltheK ,

Résultats fantastiques sur iPhone X

La dernière version de l'application est une merveille ! Sur iPhone X sans trépied, le résultat de la pause longue est vraiment de bonne facture ! Impressionnant... Quand je vois la difficulté pour avoir le même résultat avec un X100s équipé d'un filtre ND1000 (sans compter l'effet sur la balance des blancs), pour un peu plus de 3 euros ce soft fait très bien l'affaire ;) Bravo et merci aux développeurs !

Erkem ,

Bof bof

La description laisse penser que le programme serait capable d’assembler correctement les images pour simuler un pose longue, dans la réalité il est incapable de donner de bons résultats sans support pour le téléphone, même calé dans un canapé dans une pièce bien éclairée l’image est flou.
L’iPhone ( ici un Xr ) étant capable de faire de l’assemblage correct lors de prises de vues panoramiques j’ai crû naïvement qu’assembler des images fixes à « mains levées » était possible, mais il faut croire que non...
Si le développeur avait annoncé clairement qu’un support de téléphone était nécessaire je n’aurais pas acheté cette application...


Chroma Noir LLC
15.2 Mo
Photo et vidéo

Nécessite iOS 11.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.


Anglais, Chinois simplifié, Espagnol, Japonais, Néerlandais

Classé 4+
© 2019 Chroma Noir LLC
3,49 €

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