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This is the special version of the hotest tower defence game Three Kingdoms TD - Legend of Shu which was featured as "New & Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" in many major appstores. 3 languages supported including English, Chinese and Japanese. If you like it, find more in the full version. Follow us on Twitter: @gamer2z

***To celebrate the most important festival - Chinese Lunar New Year, we present this special version, and send our best wishes to all of you. May the joy and happiness around you.***

What's new in this version:

- The brand new UI of Spring Festival style.

- 8 new maps which can only be experienced in this special version.

- 4 new heroes and more skills: Plutus, Rabbit God, Door God Qin and Door God Yuchi.

- 4 new enemy units and heroes: Dancing Lion, Dancing Dragon, Dancing Doll and Nian the fierce beast.

- 6 new items: Chinese Knot, Firecracker, Jiao-zi, Fine Wines, Copper Coins and Red Lantern.




- 春节喜庆版界面;

- 只能在贺岁版内体验到的 8 个新关卡;

- 4 位新武将及更多新技能:财神、兔儿爷、门神秦琼、门神尉迟恭;

- 4 种新敌人:舞龙、舞狮、大头娃娃、年兽;

- 6 种新道具:中国结、爆竹、饺子、女儿红、钱串、红灯笼。

What's in the full version:

★ The story is based on the fantastic history of ancient China’s Three Kingdoms era. The cartoon style artwork is full of Chinese elements.

★ There are 5 types of units with distinguishing features. Each of them has 3 different levels. Higher levels will be unlocked as you advancing in the campaigns.

★ 12 heroes with various fighting types will join you during the journey of uniting the entire country.

★ Heroes will get experienced during battles and learn more amazing skills when leveling up. Top level skills have stunning visual appearance and mighty effect.

★ Tens of unique items like weapons, armors and accessories make the heroes even powerful.

★ Enemies of higher levels may fly or being invisible to normal defense units. Bosses like elite enemy generals will be tough challenges to you.

★ 21 well designed battlefields of various territory types in 3 different difficulties worth hundreds of hours’ game play.

★ Try to challenge in endless free mode battles to get higher scores and better rating.


★ 故事取材于真实的三国历史,将向你展现气势恢宏的三国舞台。Q版卡通的游戏画面充满了中国元素。

★ 拥有刀、枪、锤、术、弓五种攻击方式的15个兵种,将根据游戏完成度逐渐解锁。

★ 包括蜀国五虎上将在内的12位各具特色的我方武将,将在统一全国的征程中加入你的阵营。

★ 我方登场武将可获得经验,提升等级,从而获得新的专属强力技能。高阶技能拥有震撼的画面特效以及令人生畏的效果。

★ 作战胜利后随机奖励的种类丰富的装备,可让你的武将变得更强。赤兔马、偃月刀、方天戟成就英雄霸业!

★ 敌军有行走、潜行和飞行三种进军方式,敌将作为强大的精英角色登场。

★ 三种不同的难度级别设计,总计21关的包含不同玩法的关卡流程。

★ 无限延续的自由游戏模式,不断的挑战高难度和高分,获得更高的关卡评价!


Version 1.0.1

- Fixed a texture bug in 480*320 display mode.

- Updated attack design of spear units and heroes.

- Other minor bug fixes.

Notes et avis

3.7 sur 5

6 notes

6 notes




Pas mal mais....


Bon jeu au graphismes sympas, mais assez dur et surtout plante souvent, dommage ...


Beijing Astepgame Co., Ltd.
49.8 Mo
Nécessite iOS 3.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.
Classé 12+
Scènes fréquentes / intenses de violence (animation ou fantastique)
© 2011 Astepgame Co., Ltd.

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