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WeatherTunes Music - Soundtrack to your life. No email needed. No login required. Just press play and go.

Do you tend to like Icelandic Metal on sunny days, but have a thing for Indie Rock when it rains? Maybe you even dig Classic Rock on humid afternoons? WeatherTunes Music is deeply connected to the rhythm of your day. It speeds up your tunes when daylight is bright and slows it down once sun begins to set.

WeatherTunes Music will fine-tune to your likes, will adjust to the weather around you, and can even display in your favorite color! The app is all about you and will introduce you to new music while skipping the songs you dislike from the playlist. Perfect for lounging around the house or doing work.

No thinking, just hit play.

Some features:
- Continuously updating music as the weather changes throughout the day
- At a glance information on the weather using the colors on the weather bar. White is clear skies, the darker the grey, the cloudier it is, and the deeper the blue, the rainer it is.
- Down to the hour detailed information on precipitation, wind speed and humidity, when you swipe your finger over the weather bar.
- Choose from eleven genres, or just hit play and go by choosing the 'Smart Station'.
- Swipe up and watch the video.
- Choose your own color theme.
- Great for music discovery
- Better than radio!
- WeatherTunes uses the the best quality video provided when on wifi, the best being 720p. When on a data connection it defaults to 360p, but switches to 240p if the connection is slow.**

* WeatherTunes does not cache any songs, and is at its best when using a wifi connection, or a strong data signal.
** At 360p a full hour of music will use aprox 260mb. At 240p, the number is 162mb


Version 2.0.6

Introducing the Smart Station! It learns your tastes as you like, dislike, skip and play songs and adapts the station to only play genres and songs that your into, that also fit your current weather conditions!. Just hit play and go just became a reality.
Some more updates:
- iPhone X ready.
- Added tempo as a factor in song selection
- If there is a weather alert, they will appear directly underneath the weather bar. Tapping it will take you to the appropriate web site for more information.
- Added an advanced feature that you can turn on in the settings. Now if you want to know the cloud cover percentage, and the uv index, just turn it on and it will show up along with the already existing wind speed, humidity and precipitation percentage when you drag over the weather bar.
- Song selection has been completely redone and is much more effective and efficient.
- As usual, further improvements on the weather to mood conversion.
- Reggae station was removed to make room for the smart station. Reggae songs will however show up in the smart station.
- Smoother animations
- A today widget has been added. It shows you the current conditions and includes the weather bar to get a glimpse of the next 24 hours.
- Better handling of how full screen ads.
- More efficient processes for finding and playing songs throughout the app.
- UI and bug fixes.

Minor bug & ui fixes.

Minor update that fixes an issue where the banner ad would take up more memory than needed.

Fixed a crash that occurred when returning from turning on location services from inside the settings app.

Fixed a crash that sometimes happened when starting the app for the first time, and made a few small UI fixes, especially for the iPhone X.

Added metadata song sub-genre, song mood, and song tempo to the 'more items' menu item for the song.

Cleaned up some code and made some minor adjustments to the weather to mood conversion.


ari amanatidis
46.8 Mo
Nécessite iOS 9.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.
Classé 4+
© 2018 WeatherTunes

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