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WiDI is a MIDI sequencer and a control surface in which you play sequences and create controls such as pads, knobs and faders to send MIDI events.

A sequence can hold as many tracks as you wish, and send notes to different MIDI channels. Sequences can play in sync or running freely, and you may group sequences together so they fire at the same time.

A control is bound to a MIDI channel and a specific Control Change number. You can either specify the CC number if you know it, or let the app learn it. Once placed on the surface, use this control to interact with your MIDI device. Alternatively, any CC event sent by your device will be shown live by the control(s) bound to this CC.

Pads are special controls: they can either produce CC Events or Notes. If bound to a CC, the pad acts as an on/off switch (you specify the values for each state.) If bound to a note, each tap produces the specified MIDI note. This is particularly useful to operate MIDI instruments without keyboards such as synthesizer modules or drum machines.

To exchange MIDI messages with your instruments or devices, the app can either use CoreMIDI or the WiDI protocol. If your MIDI interface (such as a lighting to DIN adapter) is natively supported by CoreMIDI, WiDI can make use of it directly.

CoreMIDI's Network Sessions are the right choice to interface WiDI over the air with any MIDI software such as sequencers running on your computer.

To use CoreMIDI, simply connect to a MIDI Network Session on your Mac or your PC. On a Mac, this is natively supported by macOS, so you do not need to install anything. On a PC running Windows, you might want to install rtpMIDI.

Alternatively, to directly interface WiDI with any MIDI instruments/devices connected to your Mac or PC, use the WiDI Desktop Application. It acts as a MIDI bridge between the network and your MIDI hardware. You can install the desktop application on as many computers as you want (it's free!). It's a very lightweight package that doesn't need to perform any installation procedure whatsoever.

To download the WiDI desktop application for macOS or Windows, go to :

Features :

○ Use any CoreMIDI-supported MIDI interface connected to your device
○ CoreMIDI network sessions : use WiDI as an external control surface for sequencers such as Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Cubase, ...
○ Control any MIDI device connected to your Mac or PC with the WiDI Desktop Application
○ Multiple iPhone and iPad can connect to your computer, allowing different control surfaces simultaneously
○ Integrated step sequencer to create sequences, each one holding as many tracks as needed
○ Sequences can run freely or in sync and start simultaneously if grouped together in fire groups
○ Auto discover MIDI CC : you don't need to know each one to add controls, WiDI learns CC numbers sent by your devices
○ Automate CC : sweep ranges or use the step modulator to design patterns to modulate controls values, supporting various advanced options like step-by-step or smooth variations, bouncing, repeating, changing speed
○ Add as many pads as you want to generate MIDI Notes or Control Changes
○ Flexible control surface : set layout and grid size for both portrait and landscape orientations
○ Re-arranging controls is as simple as drag & drop
○ Fully customizable user interface : themes, colors, display of values and labels, aspect ratios, grid spacing, grid coloring, background, ...
○ Integrated File Manager to load and save your surfaces, which are also accessible in the new iOS 11 Files app and your computer's iTunes connection
○ Share surfaces between devices with the integrated QR code generator and scanner
○ Or share them by sending directly JSON-formatted texts, so you may import them on any device you wish afterwards.

We'd love to hear from you! Should you be in need of support or eager to request a new feature, please contact us at

Have fun !


Version 1.5

• Step Sequencer: create sequences that can play in sync or not, fire in groups or alone, and much more !
• MIDI interface support : now supports any CoreMIDI-compatible hardware MIDI interface connected to your device
• Added an option to lock surface, so controls couldn't no longer be moved inadvertently
• Greatly improved precision of the metronome and modulators to avoid drifting under heavy device load
• Corrected an issue with metronome sometime pausing when interacting with some user interface's elements


30.4 Mo
Nécessite iOS 10.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.
Classé 4+
© 2018 Hypertide SAS
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