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Wild pig target shooter 3D. You've been always excited for jungle animals hunting. You've wild hunt in many jungles of India, Africa and USA. But you've never been in Iraq. Safari games have always been your favourite. You've done buck hunting in India. You've done safari hunting in USA and Africa. But you've never done pig hunting before. You always wanted to be a pig hunter. And also you've never been to Iraq. So you decided to go to Iraq for pig hunting. Jungles animals hunting have always been your favourite hobby to do in spare time. You had fun been buck hunter, wild hunter and you were excited to be a pig hunter. You pack ur bags for pig hunting. You've reached the jungle in Iraq. You entered the jungle with excitement. You started looking for pigs by going south side of jungle. You saw three pigs standing together. They were standing at the back. You were ready to shoot them. This all gave you blood rush. You loaded your gun and aim at the pig and pulled the trigger. Then you shoot down the another one. And finally you shoot the third pig. Pig hunting was not easy safari hunting and buck hunting. African jungles were easy to hunt animals. You liked the bear hunting games too. But pig hunting had became your favourite. Your sniper rifles helped you hunt all these animals. You loved being the sniper shooter. You loved the pig hunting and you were excited to come next time for more fun.


Hamza Naveed
133.7 Mo
Nécessite iOS 6.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.
Classé 12+
Scènes rares / légères de violence réaliste
© Mind N Soul Studios

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