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Simple. Fast. Powerful.

Write 2 is a cute, lightweight word processor for our daily writing tasks. It is fast, clean, intuitive to use and has a native (Mac-like) and uncluttered interface.

Most important of all - it is very user-friendly.

In most cases there is no need to use Word.
We don't need its jam-packed interface and least of all its speed.

Write 2 has some nifty features and tools that are sure to make it
your word processor of choice for all your daily writing tasks.

Of course, Write 2 inherently has read and write support to common file formats like Text, Rich Text, Word and OpenOffice Documents.

Have I already mentioned that Write 2 is fast, very fast, and stable?

Please notice - Write 2 is not designed and written to completely replace Word. That's not its job. And it never will be. Period.

It's the word processor for the rest of us.

For those who just simply want to write and for all those missing WriteNow :-)

Creative writing, Michael (MOApp).

Write 2 has been newly rewritten specifically for OS X 10.10 and above. Accordingly, it comes with all the OS X goodies we love:

* iCloud
* Auto Save
* Fullscreen
* Versions
* Resume (Suppressible)
* Substitutions
* Spelling and Grammar
* Dictionary
* Gesture Support
* …

In addition, Write 2 has some nifty features and tools that are sure
to make it your word processor of choice for all your daily writing tasks.

* Intuitive Interface
* Optimized for Retina displays
* Paragraph Highlighting
* Typewriter Scrolling
* Layout View
* Zoom View
* Fast Inline Search
* Find and Replace
* Sophisticated Styles
* Page Numbering
* Header and Footer (MLA)
* Word Count and Statistics
* Support for Tables
* Support for Columns
* Annotations
* Sophisticated Formatting
* …

File Formats that can be read/imported and exported:

* Plain Text
* Word (97/2003/2007)
* Rich Text
* OpenOffice Text
Hint: Write 2 uses Apple's file conversion services to open and save documents and thus its limitations apply.

And always good to know:
PDF files can be created with a single click…


Version 2.5.2

Fixed 'Context Menu' Bug
Fixed GUI Glitches
Added Support for Upcoming Versions of OS X

Notes et avis

Très bien, dommage pas en français!


manque le français; l'aide et le site ne fonctionnent pas, les marges réglées dans les préférences ne se retrouvent pas sur un nouveau document.

Only for geeks who love keyboard shortcuts


I just bought Write 2 and I have just thrown it into the trash can.

The creator of Write 2 loves keyboard shortcuts. I hate them. There’s no way I can remember hundred of keyboard shortcuts (I use dozen of apps on my Mac) - and I wouldn’t even want to try, it’s so old fashioned. It’s pre-Mac in its approach. (I remember Word Perfect from the 90’s, where you had to use Alt-F8, Cmd-F6, etc, for various functions).

The create of Write 2 loves keyboard shortcuts to the point that if you don’t use them, the software works poorly. That’s why I threw it in the trash.


Michael Gobel
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