Onde nostre is a lifestyle documentary film that shows the peculiarity of the Italian surf scene and the beauty of this sport, even in a country that's not usually considered a top destination for catching waves. With this film, we intended to show the passion and high level of Italian surfers. The film is shot mainly in 16mm and Super 8, and only a small part is shot digital in order to emphasise the beauty of the landscape. The film has a romantic approach to surfing. Action has a great relevance, with slow motion segments and emotional editing. Onde nostre also shows the Italian surfer lifestyle and the endless search for good waves in the Mediterranean sea. We travelled in the spring of 2010 between Liguria, Tuscany and Sardinia. The film shows the grand and powerful landscapes where nature and our surfers are living in symbiosis. We had the chance to get into the lives of our riders, recording their emotions, their expectations and their joy. Onde nostre is a tribute to our sea (Mare Nostrum), and to the people that keep on searching, believing in a simple lifestyle made of small but important values: friendship, nature and the joy of doing what we love to do.

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Italien (Sous-titre, Stéréo)

Anglais (Sous-titre), Espagnol (Sous-titre), Français (Sous-titre)

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