3 Songs, 21 Minutes


About Swift

Widening the scope of alternative metal, Swift delivers thick pushing rhythms, mostly relying on strong bass and drum sections. Coming from Salem, NC, Swift relies on a four-piece, team consistent lineup. Vocalist Gary Forsyth, guitarist Mikey Gentle, bassist Billy Deal, and Jamie King (drums) have guaranteed Swift's better creations since they first got together in 1998. After rehearsing and performing regular gigs locally for more than a year, the quartet delivered their first album, Thoughts Are Thoughts, in 1999. Enjoying respectable acclaim, the unit also started gathering a loyal fan base. During the two years that followed, the group continued to gather a considerable following, also preparing what turned out to be their second full-length. Waging War hit record stores in 2001, continuing to proclaim Swift's intrepid and disturbing metal-style themes.