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Originally from Cambridge but later relocating to Brighton, Metrist is Joe Higgins, a British techno producer whose gritty, suspenseful dance tracks are influenced by industrial music as well as the U.K. rave continuum. Higgins' first appeared in late 2012 with the Argent EP released by Nineteen89. Following a remix for Myler, the second Metrist release was EP Doorman in Formant, issued by Fifth Wall Records in early 2014, featuring a remix by Eomac (Ian McDonnell of Lakker). Later that year, U.K. label Resin released The People Without, Metrist's noisiest, most experimental release yet. Following "The West End as It Will Be," a 2015 12" released on Timedance under the name L.SAE, Metrist found a natural home on Opal Tapes, sharing a split cassette (The World Is Order, Incarnate) with label founder Basic House. The following year, sister label Black Opal released Metrist's This Is for Sore Is Just There LP. ~ Paul Simpson

    Cambridge, England

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