6 Songs, 29 Minutes


About Corridor

This UK techno band comprised the apparently surname-less Ashley and Chris whose origins lie in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, where in 1982 Chris bought his first synthesizer after seeing a Tangerine Dream gig. Both were originally in an indie band the Merkins (the name taken from a pubic wig used by prostitutes who had been shorn following lice infestation). The name Corridor was taken from the Sam Fuller film about a mental asylum (Shock Corridor). Together with friends Nat and Grant they recorded a demo which was sent to Andrew Weatherall at his Sabres Of Paradise label. The latter released Corridor’s debut, ‘Element’, followed by ‘X’. The first was dreamy, soundscape techno, the second a much harder regime. Afterwards Nat and Grant took off to join Conemelt, who released their debut EP on Ashley’s New Ground label. Chris and Ashley continued as a duo, their ‘Two Days’ cut, also on New Ground, providing them with a big club hit in late 1993. Their hard techno was informed by their love of the industrial genre - it was the Sabres remix of Throbbing Gristle’s ‘United’ that originally encouraged them to contact Weatherall.