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About Wolfchant

Though they often pillage Scandinavian legends for the inspiration behind their pagan folk metal, the band known as Wolfchant actually hails from St. Oswald, Germany, where vocalist (and also sometime bassist and guitarist) Lokhi, guitarists Skaahl and Gaahnt, and drummer Norgahd (who also contributed occasional vocals, keyboards, and accordion) first joined forces in 2003. The following year marked the release of two demos ( "The Fangs of the Southern Death" and "The Herjan Trilogy" ) that helped establish the group's penchant for combining harsh, black metal style vocals with bountiful guitar melodies, and paved the way for their critically acclaimed 2005 debut album, Bloody Tales of Disgraced Lands, and its follow-ups, A Pagan Storm (2007) and Determined Damnation (2009). The latter inaugurated a new contract with Massacre Records and saw Wolfchant expanded with rhythm guitarist Derrmorh, keyboardist Gvern, and bassist Bahznar. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia



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