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About Vex Red

Forwarding original and hybrid music conceptions, in between the harshness of hard rocking riffs and raving electronic melodies, British Vex Red conceptualize distinct formulas of alternative rock. After several years playing within the Aldershot, Hampshire, music scene, Vex Red emerged as a full band following the addition of vocalist and guitarist Terry Abbott in 1999. Lead by Abbott, Keith Lambert (bass, programming), Ant Forbes (guitar, keyboards), Nick Goulding (guitar, bass), and Ben Calvert (drums) started expanding their true potential. A year later, the band conquered its way into the music world by way of a demo tape competition promoted by Kerrang! magazine and producer Ross Robinson, credited to the works of bands like At the Drive-In, Slipknot, and Korn. It was in the midst of 2000 that Can't Smile, Vex Red's demo tape, emerged as the chosen one, therefore propelling the British squad's career to a wider audience. Following yet another season of full practice, the band entered the studio, concentrating on recording their first album, Start With a Strong and Persistent Desire, that hit the U.K. record stores in March 2002. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges

Aldershot, Hampshire, England



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