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Love it!


I've always been a fan of maria and this album is amazing xxx

Blown Away

Nathaniel the Grublet,

I heard the 'pick me up song' on a TV station whilst on holiday in Libya and thought it was really beautiful and a great video. On thinking it was just another American with a sweet voice i thought well it was still great. On the second visit I was waiting for the song to come on again because it really does sound great and her voice nearly brings you to tears without doing so. I caught the name and bought the album and realised this is not a cheesy American singer. Listening to the album a few times made me realise how dark the lyrics are and how well composed the tracks are. Maria Mena is an amazing artist with hidden depth in her lyrics that on first hearing you think what a great tune and voice or what great instrumentation and then you think hold on a second, she's singing about something most artists wouldn't dare to. Great Album and each song is a hit, not many albums i can say that about.

About Maria Mena

In 2001, native Norwegian Maria Mena became a teen signing sensation when her single "My Lullaby" blew up in that country on ringtone and radio. More singles followed, as did the hot-selling album Another Phase, and Mena's cred spread throughout Europe. By 2004 Mena was 18, and ready to take her dark-eyed glamour and smooth, faintly-alternative pop (aided in craft by Norwegian songwriter/producer Arvid Solvang) on to the international stage. First, her Mellow LP saw Scandinavian and European issue in January of that year. It was supported by the single "You're the Only One," a sonic sister to Alanis Morissette's "Hands Clean," and similarly first-person confessional ("You're the only one who holds my hair back when I'm drunk and get sick"). Then, in spring, the single appeared on U.S. shores, with eager adds at tastemaking Top 40 outlets. By May, the video clip for "You're the Only One" -- which might as well have been a Noxema ad with its shots of squeaky-clean teens horsing around and generally looking vibrant and great -- was entrenched at MTV's TRL. Something called the Teen People Rock 'n' Shop Mall Tour was next for Mena. As crazy as the gig sounded, direct-to-audience marketing of this type had been successfully introducing teen pop stars from the hair spray days of Tiffany to the neckties and scowls of Avril Lavigne. White Turns Blue, Mena's full-length domestic debut, dropped in July 2004. It featured slightly tweaked tracks from Mena's European output, and put a point on her well-timed U.S. pop takeover. ~ Johnny Loftus

  • BORN
    19 Feb 1986

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