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I first laid ears upon this album in April 2013 after hearing a close friend of mine talk about Sofia, telling me how inspiring she was to her. I had recently read her heart-wrenchingly tragic story that involved her being kidnapped by her own family only to then be warned about an honour killing by her younger sister once she had ran away from home. I look up to this ultimately brave and beautiful woman. The album takes you on a roller-coaster journey and it's very hard not to dance along to the beats of most tracks on the album.

The album welcomes us with the track Bollywood Star which is personally one of my favorites. Fantastic lyrics, superbly addicting beat and wondefully mixed vocals. The bridge of the song includes a Missy Elliot-esque rap which completes the track in my opinion. You can feel the passion in her voice as she talks about her rise to success and also the poverty and struggle she was put through whilst growing up "Came from poverty in London back in the hood, but with this track I'mma take it back to Bollywood!". 10/10

The second track on the album Tied to the Chain is another favorite of mine, and my oh my do I LOVE to blast this out loud! Her fierce vocals dominate throughout the entire track! The heavy indsutrial beat allows her to growl and express her anger. This song is definitely aimed at her parents and how they oppressed and controlled her as a child. She is 'Tied to the Chain' and will 'break loose', she's found her way 'no longer confused'. Powerful track that will rock your socks off!

Choley is the 3rd track on the record and it is, in a way, kind of dark. Throughout the verses, Sofia talks to her man in a very seductive tone. It sounds like this song is about an abusive relationship ("Your punches will be stained") which Sofia has experienced a lot in the past. The chorus refrences the Bollywood classic "Choley Ke Peeche" from the 1993 hit-film Khalnayak. Sofia has taken inspiration from one fabulous song and has created a fabulous track of her own.

The 4th track is labelled 'Blame It" and this is my second favorite track off the album. I can't express in words how much I LOVE this song. It is unapologetically a 20/10. She sings about how she is seeing another man even though she is already in a relationship with somebody else. The man she's seeing is not so free himself and is also in a relationship of his own. She refers to him as a cookie as we all know how tempting and irresitable cookies can be. "Blame it on the cookie baby, if you can. I'm in love with another but love me if you can". The song is very sweet, addicting, beautiful and I can easily listen to it on repeat for several hours.

Eastern Delight is the 5th track and is a perfect transition from Blame It. The track is very secretive and very tender as Sofia sings "someone may see if I let you kiss me". She is in a relationship and does not want anybody to find out. She's very intimate with her lover and the way they touch and kiss her. Another very sweet track. 10/10

Next up, my number one track off the album, Swing Low! I have listened to this song more than any other song in my entire life. It is my drug! I even begin having withdrawl symptoms if I don't listen to this song at least 20+ times a day. An extremely fun and addictive track with a hip-shaking beat and fantastically sung vocals. I go throug my day with the chorus playing over and over in my head "Swing low, low, low, low, swing low, low, low, low, swing low, low, low, low, swing low!" I am obsessed with this track and have been for more than a year. It's playful and naughty because the last time I checked, swing low is about oral *** (wink wink) 100/10

Track number 7 goes by the name Music Jub Hum and is a very emotive and passionate track where Sofia talks about her family disowning her due to her love for singing and dancing. "She turned away from me, not what you wanted me to be". I love this track very much and the chorus especially. Sofia was born to perform and the music is in her. She is hurt that her parents would rather consider her dead than allow her to follow her dreams. Very touching. Another perfect 10/10.

Now, the 8th track on this album 'Kahbi Kabhi' is my least played. Sofia sings a cover of the classic Bollywood track 'Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein". She sings it absolutely beautifully and sounds like an angel. However, despite the fact that I don't listen to it much, it's still a lovely track and it deserves a 10/10.

The final track goes by the name 'Habibi' and this is one of those songs that get stuck in your head for days after the first listen. It is a very ethnic track that radiates Arabian vibes. She sings about being obsessed with a man and the way that he teases and pleases her. The track itself has sexy written all over it. I find myself playing this over and over again. It is a visciou cycle! 10/10.

Overall, this album blends perfectfly with Sofia's autobiography 'Dishonoured' and tells a story. I am in love with this album, the songs and the production. A true gem of this century! Discography at it's ultimate best.

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Very nice, I like the beats. Makes me jiggle and wibble. Lovely vocals, better than that newer track.

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