10 Songs, 34 Minutes

2 3:24
3 4:02
4 2:44
5 1:58
6 3:24
7 2:41
8 3:48
9 4:10
10 4:43

About Aidan Moffat

The singing/mumbling half of Arab Strap -- once credited after partner Malcolm Middleton, who was credited with "most things musical," with "most things not" -- Aidan Moffat (actually a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter) spent the first half of the '90s shuffling between a couple bands, including the Angry Buddhists and Bay. He and Middleton formed Arab Strap in 1995. Together, they released six studio albums through 2006 filled with alcohol-soaked tales of romantic relationships that tended to emphasize their lecherous aspects. In 2002, Moffat began recording on the side as Lucky Pierre, beginning with the samples- and- electronics-heavy Hypnogogia. Six years later, he released a poetry-oriented album of mostly minute-long vignettes titled I Can Hear Your Heart, credited to his full name, Aidan John Moffat. A return to downcast songs, backed by a small band dubbed the Best-Ofs, came with 2009's How to Get to Heaven from Scotland. For 2011's Everything's Getting Older, he worked with jazz composer and multi-instrumentalist Bill Wells. He issued The Island Come True under the Lucky Pierre moniker in 2013, and released a second collaboration with Wells, The Most Important Place in the World, in 2015. ~ Andy Kellman