4 Songs, 18 Minutes


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Striking debut! More please!


On one level, 'Committed' is most definitely a no-nonsense, solid juggernaught, rooted in thrash topsoil. The stand-out track 'Nothing', forges into an aggressive axe that would slice diamond like butter, growling vocals that would make a polar bear yield, and all underpinned by depth-charge bass.

But listen again. On closer inspection Committed's topsoil is a subtle mosaic of sub-categories and even contains brief flirtations near the borderlands of other related genres. Its fabric is discretely blended with brief, localised, understated occurrences of Nu.

The coarse-guage sandpaper vocals throughout the EP, particularly on 'Nothing' and 'D.N.A', are unequivocally thrash. But the rising guitar riffs during the bridge of Nothing and the beginning of 'D.N.A.' are firmly within traditional heavy metal, then there is the chorus vocal patterns on 'My Hole Life', and sychronised vocal/guitar lick combo on the verses of 'Identity', which to my mind flirt over the border into rawer grunge formats.

Whether you have a penchant for wrecking-ball iron, or have more ecclectic tastes within the genre, there is something here for everyone.

A striking debut from a one-man metal machine! More please!