15 Songs, 2 Hours, 6 Minutes


About Simon H. Fell

Improv bassist Simon H. Fell was born in Dewsbury, England, on January 13, 1959. Shortly after graduating from Cambridge University in 1984, Fell began issuing solo albums and along the way, has been awarded several grants from the Arts Council of England (and other groups) to continue his music studies. Fell has performed as part of a wide variety of groups, including the trio Hession/Wilkinson/Fell (which includes drummer Paul Hession and saxophonist Alan Wilkinson), Something Else with Mick Beck, Badland, the Brötzmann/Wilkinson Quartet, VHF, Butch Morris' London Skyscraper, Derek Bailey's Company, the Arc with Orphy Robinson, the string trio IST, SFQ with Alex Ward, Gail Brand, Alex Maguire, Steve Noble, and SFT. Since 1985, Fell has issued numerous albums, including such titles as Compilation I, Compilation II, Pride and Prejudice, Two Steps to Easier Breathing, Termite I, Termite II, Max, Bogey's Composition No. 30, 1st Trio: Ghost Notes, and Composition No 12.5, among others. ~ Greg Prato

Dewsbury, England
13 January 1959