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Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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Honestly can’t believe this song had no instruments. It’s sounds like a full band! Amazing blended voice from an great group. The song lyrics are great too! I checked out the rest of their videos out as well and was blown away. Can’t wait from their album! 😁 Go Vadé . . .& their bassist!!!

What a song!


These guys were mind blowing on Sing and deserved winners. This song is really singable but the performance from these guys is mind blowing! Who knew the human voice could sound so full!?! It’s a beautiful performance and the harmonies are so nice and tasteful! I watched their other videos and you can tell there’s so much more to come from them and I’m excited! I cannot wait to buy the album!

About Vade

Christian a cappella group Vadé won the 2017 British televised talent contest Sing: Ultimate a Cappella, landing a deal with Decca in the process. Formed in London in 2013, the group was the brainchild of tenor Philip Yeboah. After meeting them at various church events, he recruited Jermaine Sanderson (tenor), Roy Crisp (tenor), Joseph "Kojo" Anti (baritone), and Zimbabwean-born Joshua "JJ" Hammersley, Jr. (bass) to form the group, named for the Latin verb vāde, which they loosely translated as "go together." Every member of the group is a Christian with a strong church background, and they view equal parts music, ministry, and entertainment. Initially performing primarily at gospel events, they soon expanded their repertoire to include R&B and jazz material in a bid to take the Christian message to audiences who would not normally be exposed to it. Immensely talented, they produced not only beautiful complex harmonies but also mimicked instrumental and percussion sounds with their voices. Upon hearing that Sky TV was launching an a cappella singing contest, they decided to enter and, against all their expectations, they won. Soon Decca came calling with a record deal. Their debut single, "Cry Your Heart Out," was written for them by One Direction's Niall Horan. An album, also titled Cry Your Heart Out, was released in December 2017; it featured covers of inspirational soul, pop, and R&B numbers alongside a few religious pieces. ~ John D. Buchanan