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New York City-native Stefanie Fix started making her mark in the music world as Stefanie Gleit. When she married, she decided to switch to using her new last name. A little confusing for some fans, maybe, but the music is still the same, if not better and stronger in many ways.

Fix has been interested in music all of her life. Even before reaching her teens she was singing, learning to play the guitar, and experimenting with her earliest attempts at songwriting. She did her first appearances on stage at local talent contests. With time, she moved on to small-paying gigs, working day jobs as a dish washer, house painter, and sales girl to help pay the bills along the way. After years of performing in an assortment of nightclubs, festivals, and coffeehouses, Fix was ready for the next step. She took it in 1996, when she completed work on her first album, Footprints in the Sky. The enjoyable debut offers music that is a mixture of folk, Americana, and pop/rock.

When Stefanie Fix got ready to put together tracks for her sophomore album, things went slowly. She ended up spending over two long years working on the recording, but when it was done, she felt satisfied with the results, and so did the critics. Fix had some talented help from producers like Bob Mayo, Al Hemberger, Ted Hemberger, and Larry Campbell. Survival finally hit the market in 1999. For the end of 2000, she began work on a new EP, titled The Merge Project. Some of the tracks fans will fine showcased on Fix's albums are "Killing Time Woman," "Sixteenth Avenue," "Bitterfool," "Girls Like Me," "Joey & Cecelia," and "Nothing Can Hold You Down." ~ Charlotte Dillon

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