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18 Ratings

"All will be answered in time ..."


Outstanding audio quality.

Agree wholeheartedly with JamesMacF's review.

In my case, both the Compact Cassette and Long Play double albums are worn out! Just wonderful at long last to have a CD quality recording - in fact, I think this mix is better than the original, more depth, more bass, more clarity all round. My only small quibbles are the slight remix on "Time" (although this is still much better than the various remixes that have come out over the years, mainly on Freddie tributes) and the omission of Olivier's Akash quote to close the album.

Cliff performed "It's In Every One Of Us" on "Aspel And Co" in late '85 or early '86 (guesting with Wendy Craig). His interview description of the upcoming musical show excited me. When I first saw it on 18th April '86 shortly after it opened, I thought I was watching a film when the Time/Ascension sequence started, the effects were so good. Nothing I have seen in the theatre since, has equalled that experience.

I rushed out afterwards to buy the album - at first, only the cassette was available in Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street. During a further fourteen visits to Time at the Dominion Theatre, I managed to purchase the LP album with its hologram sticker! (By the way, my last visit was to the Thursday evening performance (14 April '88) in its last week - this was a packed Terrence Higgins' Trust Aids Gala benefit with speeches at the end from Dave Clark himself and Laurence Olivier (filmed). The part of Chris Wilder, The Rock Star, was performed by David Ian with certain numbers being taken over by Cliff and one Freddie Mercury (parts of the opening numbers were performed by all three). The show lasted 3 hours 15 minutes that night!

This is also my favourite musical (and I see many each year - I am psychlops on Twitter) and am extremely familiar with this (these) album(s), so having this audio mix makes me all the happier. Thank you, Dave Clark (and Jeff Soames, Dave Pomeranz et al).

Akash: "The quality of your life is brought about by the quality of your thinking - think ... about that!"



Took me back! I saw this live many years ago when I was a student. Best theatre production ever. It's message is even more applicable today. Listen and learn.

Time - The Musical


Fantastic. At last - I had the cassettes but lost them and I have regularly searched for this music. Love it. Brilliant stage show - even met Cliff at the stage door! What a evening that was.

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