7 Songs, 50 Minutes


About Mark Lockheart

b. 31 March 1961, Lymington, Hampshire, England. Raised in a musical atmosphere, Lockheart studied saxophone from an early age, graduating from Trinity College of Music in London in 1983. Along with other young newcomers to the UK jazz scene, he became a member of Loose Tubes. After this, he led Perfect Houseplants from 1991, appearing in cross-genre settings with the Orlando Consort as well as performing contemporary UK jazz with the core group. Meanwhile, he also joined former Loose Tubes comrade Django Bates in Delightful Precipice and played with Graham Collier, and subsequently with many other leading London-based bands. Among those with whom he has worked are pianist Michael O’Suilleabhain, bass player Geoff Gascoyne, guitarists Billy Jenkins, and John Parricelli, composer Gail Thompson, folk singer June Tabor, and recorder player Pamela Thorby. At the end of the 90s, Lockheart formed the Scratch Band, initially to perform his own compositions that had been funded by the Peter Whittingham Award. Through into the late 00s, Lockheart continued to lead groups such as Perfect Houseplants, the Scratch Band and Big Idea, and he also performed with prominent UK jazzmen, including appearing with Sebastian Rochford’s Polar Bear.

A strikingly gifted performer, Lockheart has steadily grown as a composer of distinction. Writing for small and large groups with equal facility, he has developed a distinctive style through his writing that matches his highly personal playing.

Lymington, Hampshire, England
31 March 1961