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Welcome Back


Awesome that this album is now on I Tunes. I looked high and low for it for many years. Energy Orchard were a band that first made me pick up the guitar and start playing. This has to be one of my all time favourtite albums ever. Excellent melodic songs. Signed by the same woman that signed Guns and Roses they should have been massive, sadly they weren't but having been very lucky in seeing them twice at The Marquee i think a reunion is in order boys! Ashley Cowan

Great Band Great Memories Great Tunes

The Marsh,

Energy Orchard were an incredible piece of work. Raw, intelligent, fierce, passionate and delicate. The singer Bap Kennedy was an electric fireball of energy, full of wit, if you could make out what he said when speaking so fast, and a clever tunesmith. Paul Toner, the guitarist was a fine gentleman who had a serious talent with a six string. The debut album roared of the times in Belfast city and of the young and sometimes brash dreams of the tunesmith, of escaping, whilst spiritually remaining steadfast to it's heart. The Joby Fox penned Belfast an undoubted masterpiece. My brother and I met the guys and drank ourselves senseless in Glasgow with them, for these experiences I will always be grateful. A great bunch of guys, a great batch of albums and indeed great memories. Oh yeah and Bap, Lion was a fine song. Graham

About Energy Orchard

This pop rock sextet came from Belfast, Northern Ireland and were built around the nucleus of singer Bap Kennedy (b. Martin Kennedy, 17 June 1962, Belfast, Northern Ireland) and guitarist Paul Toner. Snapped up by MCA in 1990 their first single was titled after their home-town, ironically after relocating to London. It dented the UK Top 70, paving the way for follow-ups ‘Sailortown’ and ‘Lace Virginia’. After running the gauntlet of comparisons to U2 that face most rock bands from Ireland, the reaction of the mainstream UK press hardened. Bombast and over-production somewhat neutered their debut album and the band’s subsequent releases ploughed a similar path. They disbanded in 1996, their final release being a credible live album. Kennedy later embarked on an acclaimed solo career, debuting with the Steve Earle -produced Domestic Blues in 1999.

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