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About Asha

British-born new age composer Asha displayed a talent and a passion for writing music even during early childhood. He began writing simple songs at the age of three, a passion that evolved into a love affair with the radio. Inspired by Radio Luxembourg playing Buddy Holly, Van Morrison, and Leonard Cohen, Asha began writing folk and protest songs in his teens. Upon discovering his spiritual path in his early twenties, he turned to a more open compositional style, approaching composition and music as pure emotion, choosing lyrical content later on. Though unable to read or write music, Asha produced pieces that often involved elaborate orchestration. Drawing influence from classical composers such as Vivaldi and Pachelbel, as well as folk music styles from the British Isles, South America, and the Middle East, he created a sound that resonated deeply with his audiences. Asha's relationship with New World Music (a label stemming from the mind-body-spirit healing tradition) began in the early '90s -- his prolific career with the label produced more than 15 records in as many years, and his albums have become meditation and relaxation mainstays the world over. Asha continues to compose and record, in addition to studying Jungian psychology and offering various services in spiritual guidance. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

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